British Falcon twin 30mm SPAAG


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21 May 2006
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I am looking for info, pics, drawings and specifications for a Self-Propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG) that was based on the chassie of the Vickers FV433 Abbot SPG.
It was called the 'Falcon', and was armed with a turreted twin 30mm cannon arrangement.

What year was it first developed?
does anyone know why it was cancelled?

The British Army has lacked a SPAAG (and a basic AAA) capability for to many years now!

There is a good description pictures drawing in the 'Abbot' Profile.
Insufficient ammunition space was one reason given for discontinuing, if I recall correctly.
(I can't post any illustrations at the moment. My military books are seill packed after moving house)


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A very very belated thank you gents :eek:
Form the AFV-Weapons Profiles book on the Abbot FV433 Self-Propelled Gun:


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If ammo storage capacity was a concern (or rather, lack of it),
I wonder the how the internals of this system compare to a twin 30mm turret like the Wildcat, or even the Russian Tunguska and Pantsyr systems, which have those paired twin 30mm guns....

Seeing that the (modern) German Navy supplanted/replaced its shipboard 40mm Bofors and 20mm Rh202 type guns with the BK27/MLG27 gun systems, I'm curious as to whether anyone has considered that revolver cannon as a suitable land-based ADA system gun (modern frangible ammo types would suggest great potential): I note that the 35mm Millennium Gun and AHEADS ammo have been proposed as both a static (emplaced turret) and mobile C-RAM/ADA system,
and in naval use, CIWS is a primary role of the MLG27,
so I'm curious if a Falcon-sized ADA vehicle could more suitably handle a pair of 27x145mm BK27s as opposed to the 30x173mm guns (or did the Falcon's Hispanos use the 30x170mm ammo types?)
Hey thanks heaps CostasTT, for the 3-view drawing. A great find!!
It pays sometimes to revisit a topic, even 5-tears on ;D

I have a forum colleague, who does some great 'what if' profiles. I might ask him to turn something out!

If you have got it, keep them coming :-*

The Abbott profile can be downloaded here: [URL Removed - Admin. Don't post links to pirated books please]
This may be of some interest:

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