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27 December 2008
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During the aero plane exhibition in Milan 1937 there was a new bomber the Breda Ba.82.
It was mentioned that it was even so fast as the Blenheim.
It was a two engined bomber with two 1000 hp. Fiat A-80 radial engines.
Who can help me with more information/materials.
My interrests are: history/drawings/dimensions (as much as possible)/pictures/colors, but also construction details (and pictures/drawings which gives these details) technical information etc.
"In the mid 30-ies designers Breda company began developing a new medium bomber for the Air Force in Italy. In 1937 the project was implemented in the form of a twin-engined medium bomber Breda Ba.82. Airplane Va.82 belongs to a class of high-speed medium bomber and was similar to the foreign cars like the Soviet Sat or British Bristol "Blenheim".

It was all-metal low-wing monoplane with two engines equipped with Fiat A.80 RC 41 1000 hp The defensive armament consisted of three aircraft turret 7.7-mm machine guns. Summer of 1937 a prototype bomber was first presented at the air show Aeronautica di Milano.

Plane Trouble began even before its first flight - the military believed that its design was outdated, while at the same time were ready to place an order for a small series of aircraft, subject to successful completion of trials and the availability of acceptable flight characteristics. But in the first flights started having problems with the engines, causing the airplane to be subjected to constant alterations.

Testing of the plane was delayed until 1939, when the Italian Air Force has decided on the basic type of medium bombers (the main emphasis was placed on trehmotornye machine). By this time the Luftwaffe did not suit either maximum speed or range or bomb load Ba.82, as a result have decided to stop further testing. This aircraft has remained in single copy and was soon scrapped. " from google translate
Thanks airman,
I used also the same translation page.
Its only some history and not about the construction/technical details.
But any way thanks for it
Here's what I have on hand: span 21 mts; lenght 14 mts. height: 4.5 mts. Max speed 425 Kph, landing speed 130 Kph. Absolute ceiling: 9500 mts. Wing with slit flaps on the trailing edge. I have a couple of photos. Let me scan them in. I probably have much more, just have to search (e.g. the relevant L'Aeronautique issues).
Meanwhile: Flight online archive is your best friend:
Thanks Skybolt
That is one of the first pages were I found something of that planes.
Thanks and regards

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