Bréguet 820 heavy fighter


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26 May 2006
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the Breguet Br-820 heavy fighter,from Airwarfareforum site.


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A Gallic Mosquito! Any more info? I used the search engine at AWF but couldn't find a thread relating to this aircraft.
Hi Hesham
nice find.

Like Nick, any more info?
Dimensions, engines etc?

Many thanks.
Thank you my dear Flitzer,

and for dear Nick,I don't remember its place now,I try
to use the search,but I can't find it also.
Interesting choice for armament. Two engine mounted cannon - 20mm? And two MGs in each engine nacelle as well, firing through the propellers. Its as if they simply took the engines and guns from two single-engined fighters. I suspect it would have been a Hispano-Suiza 12 series engine.
Drawing is in the Paper Projects chapter from the AWF forum.
(one have to log in)
It was put there by Bernhard C.Klein who produced the
excellent Airplane Five View Album series in the mid-1970's.

I try to find more info about in 'Les Avions de Chasse Francaise'-Docavia.
From "Airplane Five View Album" by Bernhard C.Klein


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From "L'Aviation de chasse française 1918-1940"
by Jean CUNY & Raymond DANEL


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Justo, Lark - thank you, I actually have that book but had forgotten about that project - silly me! It is on page 160.
OK forgive my ignorance, but AWF Forum?

I Googled AWF and got some interesting but not relevant results!


Hi! Big radiator is located at the fuselage.
"The BREGUET 820 is one of the many French projects that did not even have the time to see the day, due to the Franco-German Armistice of June 1940."
"We know very little about this device." Given C 1 by the builder, it would seem rather that this aircraft was a hunting-place, given the importance of the glazed parts (?). »
"Very improved Version of Br-690/693, it has a certain resemblance to the English De Havilland Mosquito apparatus."
The 820 was to receive two Hispano Suiza 12 Y 51 engines. Its characteristics and performance are unknown. »

Model nose is little short? Based on initial version?


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Not at all. Very cool site indeed. ;)

More model picture here.


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