Boscombe Down incident 1994


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Apr 20, 2017
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Time goes by but there are things that may stay black for a long, long time. One of the events, that is typed as urban legend today, is Boscombe Down incident that occured in 1994. Internet is full of false info or BS stories but there are places and certain aviation sites, military workers and their buddies that can give some light on the things they 'may' heard of. I can only guess about credibility of informations I've heard but I was fortunate enough to talk with some people that 'may' know some not-so-white things.
I will say it again, I'm not sure whether the infos I've heard are true, so please take it with a big grain of salt!

What I've heard from my crystal ball(s)? : (this is something I have really hard time when trying to believe it but who knows?)
1. It was a take off incident, not a landing one. The aircraft was colored black and gray.
2. The aircraft had a stealth capabilities.
3. C-5 came for the aircraft and took it to KPMD(Plant 42 site).
4. The aircraft was in the UK because of the exercises(well, that is interesting...)
5. The aircraft was after Full Operational Capability, so it rules out of it being demonstrator or prototype.
6. The aircraft was there at Boscombe for more than 24 hours before the incident
7. The UK was involved in program as it was cooperation between US and UK.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to cross-check with my other source which stated that the aircraft was just a test platform that failed on take off.

How about you? Did you learn or know anything else about that very incident? Do the puzzle work together!

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