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1 May 2007
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Like many of us here, I've acquired a lot of PDFs, from this site and others, on our favourite topics. However, the time I have to read them does not always co-incide with the time when I'm at the computer. To this end, I've been looking at acquiring an E-Book reader.

Does anyone here have any any experience with one of these devices? From what research i've carried out so far, it seems the the one weakness that these things have, is the very thing i wish to use them for, that is, reading PDFs.

I would be grateful for your opinions,

Hey Robin,

I faced the same problem as you, and also researched alot of different ebookreaders.
Most were either too expensive or too limited in their file-support (no JPEG's or djvu-files for example).
Around that time the netbooks came about. It first started with a Asus EEE and then many other followed ( Acer Aspire One, HP 2133 Mini-Note PC, MSI wind.... and dozens of others). I bought a Acer Aspire One, and I am quite happy with it. Mine comes with a 120 GB Hard disk, and it is a must if you have alot of ebooks you want to read.
The only problem is the small screen, you need good eyes and kinda keep the screen close to your face (about the same distance you have a book, which looks abit weird with a laptop)
The main advantage of a netbook is : colorscreen, you can add software, and you can do other things that a ebookreader can't do. (Internetbrowsing, make notes, final start on that list of ebooks you have )



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