Boeing Vertol Light Intratheatre Transport (LIT) V/STOL cargo aircraft

There's is a pic not so far from your link:


Antonio ;)
Anther artist drawing to Boeing LIT.


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Boeing-Vertol's submission for the USAF LIT (light intratheater transport) is a straightforward tilt-wing. The aircraft has a plump cargo fuselage with rear loading ramp and tricycle undercarriage with "bicycle" main wheel units retracting into side blisters. The wing has leading-edge slats and slotted flaps, carrying four turbines driving 26 foot diameter propeller/rotors. The tailplane has a very large incidence range. Speed range is zero to 400 kt, with STOL approach speeds, wing partly tilted, of 30 to 45 kt. The VTOL cargo is given as 10,000 lb., the STOL at 34,000 lb.

Source: Flight International February 5, 1970 p. 201
The United States Air Force Light Intratheater Transport (LIT) program was a follow-on to the suspended CX-6 program. In 1967, the Department of Defense concluded that it was too early to decide on a specific CX-6 design because studies showed that no suitable powerplant was expected to be developed during the development time-scale and other systems, particularly those associated with stability and control, would also need development. The LIT program was intended as a replacement to the Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook, Fairchild C-123 Provider, and the de Havilland Canada CV-2/C-7 Caribou. Initial orders were expected to number 300 aircraft at the start of the 1970s with 800 more by the end of the decade. US Air Force Staff technicians argued between true tiltwing or tilt-rotor V(S)TOL and advanced STOL of the Breguet Integral type.

The CX-6 program is discussed in the following topic:,1008.0.html

Artist's impression of Boeing-Vertol light intratheater transport (LIT) concept.

Source:Flight International February 5, 1970 p. 199.


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Dear Boys and Girls, here is a little feature on the plans for a Boeing-Vertol HLH "project" alongside a Boeing tilt-wing "project". Is this the same tilt-wing project as the BV.170? It seems to be capable of carrying a tank......

The feature comes from the 1st September 1969 issue of Aviation Magazine International......

Terry (Caravellarella)


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    Boeing Vertol HLH & Boeing Tilt-wing projects - Aviation Magazine International - No.jpg
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Terry, the VTOL design was the Light Intertheater Transport (LIT) project for the USAF.
Sorry, I know this has been dormant for a long time

But what's a year between friends?

I've just stumbled upon The 'LIT' & 'CX-6' threads! They seemed an interesting concept, and its role & need viable.

This Boeing Vertol LIT artist impression looks great! Itself appearing to be a somewhat refined and up-scaled LTV XC-142!

But I can not but help think that this is the USAF reinventing the wheel......again!
For is the USAF once again looking at for filling an operation need in 2011, which was obvious and relevant back in the 1960-70's - hence the AMT, AMC-X and ATT program of today.
How many think-tanks, programs and $ are needed to for fill this role/mission

Just think the USAF (and USMC and Army) could have had this capability in the 1970's, and yet they still have issues and controversy about the Osprey :-\

Just found this:

"Douglas, who have a senior pilot seconded to Dornier, have actually offered to test both Do 31 prototypes in the USA. There is a USAF operational requirement for a VTOL assault transport, the CX-6. The Americans' own VTOL programme is not making headway"

Source: Flight International 13 Jan, 1966

Both interesting and a great pity in my opinion!!

Oh and this:

CX-6 Project Suspended
Widely regarded as the most favoured military project in the American VTOL field, development of the CX-6 tactical transport deign is to be suspended.
Boeing and Lockheed were awarded study contracts worth $350,000 in August and September respectively; these were to run for six months, while the USAF expected to spend about $15 million on the project during fiscal year 1967.
The studies showed that no suitable powerplant would be available within the expected CX-6 development time-scale.................

Source: Flight International 12 Jan, 1967

Ok ........ I feel I'm on a roll now :p

Just found this link

It titled
Advisory Group For Aeronautics Research and Development
Report 86
American Development in STOL and VTOL Aircraft

Please take particular note of drawings/artist work of U.S. STOL & VTOL aircraft designs on the document pages 14 - 15!!

In the text of some of these drawings / art works are the following points of interest -
  • The Kaman Model K-16 design submission to the LARA program (aka NAA OV-10 Bronco)
  • The (I assume Martin?) M-231 STOL transport design with BLC (whats BLC??)
  • An unknown Ryan Aeronautical Company STOL/VTOL light aircraft design (could this be a LARA design submission???
and finally
  • A Hiller Helicopters 'Propelloplane Transport Aircraft Study' Through the Office of Naval Research for the U.S. Army
Please take a look!! For I plan to do a little research

P.S Can anyone figure out how to copy and display these pics in the pdf?

Posting a correct link would be a good start... :mad:

BLC means "Boundary Layer Control" (which see...).
Great find my dear Scott,

and we can put some of them here.


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It's a lot better with the proper PDF, thanks a lot Orionblamblam! Here are the images, reorganized by company:
  • Bell D-182 and Assault Transport
  • Fairchild M-231 with BLC
  • Kaman K-16
  • Ryan projects
  • Piasecki Model 76 (presumably related to the Vertol 76)
  • Hiller 1048 Propelloplane


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here is a Model for Boeing Vertol BV.170 tilt-wing project.


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The Boeing-Vertol D170,


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From Air Force 1968.


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From Interavia 1969,

and generally the main competitors were;

Boeing Vertol BV.?
McDonnell-Douglas M-188E (Breguet 941)
Sikorsky/Rockwell DS-?
Lockheed California CL-?
Lockheed Georgia LG-?
LTV V 459,460,465,471 & 506


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