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From Boeing Report D-8172 [NARA II]
The Model 468 informal proposal was based on conversations between Boeing and BuAero in January 1947.
The proposed airplane was a semi-expendable antiaircraft gunnery target.
It was to operated at 450mph at altitudes between sea level and 20,000 ft.

Two missions were envisioned for the new target.
The first was flying straight and level for approximately 15 miles followed by a turn to cover the same general area.
The second mission involved dives from 10,000ft at angles up to 90° at a specific target with pull out starting at
5,000ft and completed between 2,000 and 3,000ft.

The Model 468 was to be powered by a Boeing Model 500-1-0 turbojet engine. Boeing was developing this engine
to power target airplanes. The power plant consisted of a centrifugal blower, two combustion chambers, and a single
stage impulse turbine with an engine life of 10 hours.

Launching would be accomplished by mother aircraft, however the bottom surfaces were left clear for catapult provisions, if requested.
Recovery is via a 28ft parachute.

Sea level speed of 434 mph with half fuel, (total weight 540lbs)
10,000ft speed of 466mph also at half fuel, (total weight 540lbs)
Endurance at 10,000ft and full throttle was 1.0 hours
Service ceiling at half fuel was 42,500ft, (total weight 540lbs)


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