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13 August 2007
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The Germany Car Manufacture BMW has no sense of Humor

they watch the Internet after BMW name
and if they find someting, they don't like it, oh boy are they Piss off !

like the Page and picture of Model of "BMW" Flügelrad V-1 from Planet Models
He receive a letter by BMW.....
more on that nonsense here:

and BMW still watch the Internet
Maybe it isn't really BMW, who is watching the web and writing such "nice" letters,
but a group of lawyers, who want to make some money ? Sitting in luxury offices and
getting tremendous salaries, they just have to convince their bosses, that they are
doing a really "worthwhile" job ...!

Ok, it's probably just is a stereotype !
Jemiba's right, usually big companies hire third parties to handle "brand management". For instance it's widely known in commercial diecast aviation model circles that American Airlines is one of the strictest, with control over the TWA, AirCal, and Reno Air brands (even though those airlines are long since defunct) but this is handled by a company called Equity Management who handles sending out the nastygrams to "possible" offenders who have not paid the proper (and excessive in the opinion of some) licensing fees.

There are a few employees within the airline that assist Equity Management, but by and large the corporation is oblivious to it. Several years ago Equity Management got involved in getting a number of freeware FS98 files that depicted American's fleet pulled from several online libraries. Caused a big stink in the flight sim hobby.
Several years ago it was a big story - everyone model kits involved must have heard of it - about aerospace companies like Boeing and Lockheed pretenses to model kit makers on licensing for using their registered trademarks, designs , etc. Last Lockheed kits from Italer[, for example, carry signs like (c) Lockheed Martin etc.


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They say Paveway, I say paveway
Posted by Bill Sweetman at 9/12/2007 11:47 AM

Overpaid lawyers at Lockheed Martin have achieved another massive legal victory in that bastion of august and uncorrupt jurisprudence, Thailand. (Shome mishtake here shurely. - Ed) A Thai court apparently agrees that "paveway" is a commonly used word that refers to any laser guided bomb, which means that neither LockMart nor Raytheon can claim it exclusively.

As Dr Johnson put it: "If the law says that, then the law is an ass." Or a dimwitted water buffalo or whatever else stands for animal stupidity in Thailand.

Nobody, but nobody ever uses the word "paveway" like that except for Lockheed Martin in its press releases. Memo to LockMart: have all the snits you want with Raytheon, but remember who you're working for (the taxpayer) and quit wasting overhead on idiot legal battles. Or at least have the courtesy not to clog our emails with it.

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