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5 September 2007
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Hi, here the information available on internet of a very interesting design:

"Early in 1942, one subsidiary of the largest industrial group in Italy — the Societa Italiana Caproni — brought out prototypes of a so-called Vespa small two-seat reconnaissance car. In fact, the design of this vehicle dated back to the mid-thirties but actual testing of the pilot models did not begin until then. The Autoblinda Caproni-Fuscaldo, or Vespa scout car, was the most original armoured vehicle ever developed in Italy. It embodied an unorthodox wheel arrangement featuring two wheels along the vehicle axis (one behind the other, like a motorcycle), and one wheel on each side, so giving a lozenge configuration which was claimed to offer a better trench crossing performance. Two Vespa scout car prototypes were widely tested by the Centro Studi della Motorizzazi-one; they were not agreed for series production and the pioneering work in that direction was lost. Weighing about three and a half tons the Vespa scout car was armed with a single machine gun. It had a top speed of 86 km.p.h. provided by an Artena, in-line 8 cylinder engine of 82 b.h.p. Its armour protection was at a maximum of 26-mm at the front and 14-mm on the sides"

Anyone has more information?
Regards and Thanks


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Lots of interesting information located in Nicola Pignato's "Gli autoveicoli da combattimento dell'esercito italiano, tome 2".
Thanks for the data Taranov.

I guess I'm going to have to get a loan from the bank:
£80.00 Ouch!!! :eek:

plus shipping to Argentina ....
Yes Alcides,
I can add something:
this small scout car was designed by Eng. Ottavio Fuscaldo (Not to be confused with that Fuscaldi that designed the well-known postwar Italian 105-mm field howitzer). The Vespa (wasp) was one of the last projects by Fuscaldo with diamond wheels. A prototype, perhaps the second one, was shown to the Italian Army in September 1941, competing with the Lancia Lince (itself a bare copy of the British Daimler Scout Car Mk.I Dingo). The Wasp was the loser and its development was discontinued.
Nothwistanding, the prototype was taken in charge by the the 6th Motorized Regiment in Bologna and probably was still there at the date of the armistice. There are unsustantiated rumours of its service with Esercito Repubblicano (the Italian pro-German army after September 8, 1943).
I personally hoped to find a prototype of the Vespa in an old Caproni factory at Vizzola Ticino (Varese) where I found another interesting prototype: the CEMSA saloon car designed for Caproni by Eng. Antonio Fessia and some splendid and intriguing aircraft, but no trace of the armoured car!
From the technical point of view, the Caproni Taliedo (Fuscaldo) Vespa has a two-man crew. Its engine was a Lancia Tipo 91 Astura III Serie (2,9 liters, 8V, liquid-cooled, rated at 82 Cv at 4,000 rpm); the gas tank contained 62 litres. Dimensions are: lenght 3.90 m, width 2.00 m, height 1.85 m, ground clearance 0.28 m, wheel track 1.65 m, wheelbase 2.90 m.
Weight and protection are: loaded weight 3,410 kg, armour from 8 to 26 mm.
Performance are: max speed 80 kmh, range 200 km, fuel consumòption 31 lt/100 km (3.2 km/lt), gradient 35%.
Armament was a 8-mm Breda Mod.38 machine-gun.

Nico thanks a lot for the data. The Vesca scout car looks more, and more interesting to model ... I just need a 3d view .. snifff ... :-[
Ok, i scan some pics ;D

First prototype, post 1


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Post 2


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Second prototype

Post 1

Also -
Must have book about italian armored wheeled vehicles.


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Post 2


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Seems like it would have been both relatively easy and cost effective to mass produce.
Well what I have to say .... :D :D :D :D :D :D

Taranov: Thank you very much!!! Muchas gracias !!!!!

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