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22 January 2006
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Recently I bought is Red Star Volume 28: Beriev's Jet Flying Boats. Chapter 4 "Little Brother" is devoted to the Be-200 (A-200 for the manufacturer) and it starts with the description of the A-100.
The A-100 was developed to be the A-40's little civilian brother. The A-40 was too big to succeed into the civil market

A-100 description:

Role: fire fighting, passenger/cargo transportation, SAR, patrol.
All up weight: 21-22 tonnes
Configuration: shoulder-mounted unswept wing and two underwing outrigger floats.
Powerplant: 2x Izotov TV7-117S turboprop rated at 2500 shp driving 6 bladed propellers

The program was cancelled because it was so similar to the CL-215T/415 that it was a redundancy for the market. They returned to the drawing board and the A-200 was born.

Yesterday, Scorp show me an unknown design in one of Beriev's stand posters from Aero India 2007 It seems an A-100 concept rebirth but I can't identify it?. Could anybody help me?.

Many Thanks!


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When Air International did an article on the A-200, a small side profile of the smaller turboprop powered amphibian appeared. Perhaps there were a few details, but the article gave the impression that it was a live program, not a long dead predecessor of the 200.
BTW, if anybody can post drawings of the A-100 it will be very welcome too ;D
In §Beriev Aircraft 1968 - 2002" I've found a drawing of, I think ,
the A-100, but it doesn't seem to be , what you are looking for.
(Although maybe the cyrillic letters are playing a trick to me .. ::) )
But the Be-112, with the typical engine arrangement shows much
more similarities.
Perhaps we should wait, until boxkite is around again. He can easily
browse through this book (It's his book, I've just a scan of several
pages), he can read it and he has much more knowledge of soviet/
russian aviation than me ...


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It should be the Be-112, Ken Duffey took photos of a flightworthy model that looked just like this thing at Gelendzhik last year and captioned it as a Be-112. Unfortunately the pictures seem to have vanished from the thread:
Hi Pometablava,

please see this;
Many Thanks Folks!
People in this forum rocks again 8)

Well just a little question before closing this topic. In the pic I have attached there is also another drawing in blue ink. The aircraft in the drawing is similar to the main subject of the poster (the Be-112 now we know its identity) but it is not the same. Main difference is it has the engines in the wings.

Jemiba posted the same drawing in full colour here:,1267.0.html

Jemiba identified it from the Russian Beriev Book as the Be-112.


a) are both drawings two different studies under the same design number?.

b) the concept in the blue drawing could be the older from two?
Yes, it seems, both were just different configurations proposed under the same
design number.
Here's the other 3-view, probably someone can tell us, what the inscription says .. ???


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With my limited knowledge (limited to recognize pictures/letters in the dictionary :D ) it means:

Multifunctional plane - amphibia Be-112
(version with the ramp at the aft fuselage and wing mounted engines)
Ken Duffey's pictures of the scale model can now be found here (nice view of the rear ramp in the first link!):
The other Be-112 with the wing mounted engines is now the Be-114.
It is larger than the Be-112, e.g 44 passengers vers 27 passengers .
See sources for comparison.


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Is it possible we may be seeing this design flying in the near future?
Flying model of Beriev Be-112 on display at Hydroaviation Show, Gelendzhik, Black Sea September 2006



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Flying model of Beriev Be-112



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Photograph of Nikolay A. Lavro chief designer for Beriev. He is believed to be in the center with the flying model of the Beriev Be-112.



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The current situation mentioned here may give renewed impetus to the program.

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