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6 January 2013
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Since we already have aircraft, ships and tanks why can't we have automobiles and trains?
That would make a sort of enginery unbuilt projects forum, think that was not the initial idea from Overscan...let's wait for his opinion.
Hi! We can use "The bar" for trains and cars.
This is Japanese next generation Tohoku Shinkansen(東北新幹線) E5 type train.
It will run between Tokyo(東京) and Aomori(青森) from 2011 A.D.
Maximum cruising speed is 320km/h.


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Wow, that's a beauty. Love Japanese trains!

Thanks for the pic
If there was infinite storage space and bandwidth on the forum server, I would be in favor of expanding it to include trains, automobiles, and every other manner of vehicle. Unfortunately, there is a finite amount of hard disk space on the server and only so much bandwidth. In the case of automobiles, I just foresee that space being quickly consumed with images of concept cars and I fear that there wouldn't be sufficient space for discussion and images concerning aerospace and military projects.
there is a finite amount of hard disk space on the server and only so much bandwidth

I think you said it all, we should better not expand the contents.

...but someone can get the idea from XB-70 Guy and open a new forum! ;)
Trains and automobiles? I vote no B) This is a military forum discussing all manner of military technology. Even then the administrators give us enough wiggle room under the Bar for off-topic stuff. I also agree that the site could easily be overwhelmed from concept car posts alone, there seems to be hundreds every year, now multiply that by 100 plus years of automotive history.

Besides there have been posts about trains just the missile carrying variety :D
This is a military forum discussing all manner of military technology

Not exclusively, we do have some civilian material, mainly airliners.
I would say this is a technology forum, the overwhelming proportion of which is military in nature.
However, I agree with you about automobiles, although I have to say I'm not sure about trains.
There are some pretty cool trains, out there, Japanese high speed ones, nuclear locos,'Rail Zeppelins', etc.,

How about - Secret Projects: The Aerospace and Defense Technology Forum ;):D
My initial idea was for an unbuiilt post 1945 military aircraft centred forum. The other topic areas have emerged from users wanting them.
To me, unbuilt trains is a bit too far from the starting point.

I would suggest that discussions on trains could be had in The Bar. If they look sufficiently interesting, maybe I'll reconsider a separate forum.
I agree with the bar. Content of this forum are aerospace projects (mostly military, but it happens this way by nature) with some smaller subforums (land vehicles, ships, rockets...), that are almost strictly military. I don't remember that there was any real discussion about unbuilt/secret civil ship or land vehicle. Civil cars and civil trains are too much away from the general idea of the forum, so in my opinion they don't deserve independent subforum.
I am already a member of a car-oriented forum here in France, of which I'm a very active member and a moderator. I guess it's not incompatible to be fond of planes AND cars, but to me it's not desirable to mix the two into one single forum. I'm also very fond of Japanese trains, but they don't have their place here either! What differentiates aircraft fundamentally from the rest of all the other vehicles is the degree of engineering required simply for them to exist. Put anything on four wheels or more and it will roll. You can't get an aircraft to take off, let alone fly, in the same manner. Getting airborne is difficult! This alone should be enough to justify a separate treatment.

So... two forums? "Secret Aerospace Projects" and "Secret projects on wheels"? ;D
Taking care of one forum is tough enough, I am not sure the team that takes care of SP would be equally available for a second similar project (plus the fact that they would not necessarily be as knowledgeable in the other types of transportation).
Apparently the French are now using TGVs as Hospital trains:
Is it alright if we write about transport proposals as well?

I was planning to make a separate thread for transport proposals in The Bar, but I wanted to get your opinions first.
How about to discuss the secret bars in The Bar?
And those, who on the different sides of the bars :cool:
As we all knew from movies, some evil persons are really undercover (secret) good persons and vice versa.
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It’s not a secret that the forum’s name isn’t the most descriptive option. We’re most related to unbuilt technology projects.

Transport proposals seem interesting to me. There already exist some posts about III Reich Trains, French Jet Train and Ford Atomic Car.
It’s not a secret that the forum’s name isn’t the most descriptive option. We’re most related to unbuilt technology projects.
How about doing something about it? It's cheap to purchase a second address and make it synonymous with the current one. And we could chip in.
For example, "" is available for USD 7.99.
I'm not saying this is the best sexiest name, but surely we will come up with something better if we put our collective wits to it.

Getting rid of the unwelcome connotes (conspiracist, kiddie, wannabee) could only reinforce the credibility and acceptance of the site. It ia already a success and a reference today, but the connotes don't help.
Anything that would help attract more "serious/knowledgeable" people rather than conspiracy/alternatehistory/nazi-ufo adepts will be a good thing.

What do y'all think? Paul?
Just my two cents ...
"SecretProjectsForum" already is a kind of a trade mark and though it actually mostly deals with non-secret themes, I don't see
much reason for changing the name. The German "Volkswagen" company hasn't changed it's name either, though looking through
the latest catalogues, prices have somewhat moved away from the original "a car for everyone" idea and name, I think.

I just repeated the experiment, I made nearly eleven years ago, and the results principally are the same :

Typing "Glocke" or "Haunebu" into the search function, and looking at the hits, in most cases is quite encouraging, I think.
No, I don't think, that we actually have chastened someone deeply believing in such things, but I don't think, that they went
away feeling vindicated.
Is it possible to start threads regarding unbuilt trains and ongoing/planned construction proposals in The Bar? There are some thoroughly interesting proposals out there that would be interesting to see in their own threads in The Bar.

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