How long remain a Aircraft ?

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13 August 2007
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there are TV show and Series "Life After People" and "Aftermath: Population Zero"
based on bestseller "The World Without Us" by Alan Weisman

they play with question: Wat happen to the artifacts of civilization, after mankind is gone ?

in Year 75 after Human
Many of the roughly 600 million automobiles on earth would be reduced to barely recognizable metal. Some automobiles in arid climates would not have suffered the effects of corrosion as severely and would still be recognizable. While the rubber tires of cars would have deflated years ago, they would not decompose for centuries.

will same happen to Aircraft or will they stay longer because they made (mostly) from Aluminum ?

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Most of the planes would disappear. The planes that are stored in Nevada? could last for a few 100 of years due to the optimal weather for storage. The shape would deform in a couple 100s of year due to metal-tiredness.
It would be interesting to see what happened :)

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