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27 September 2006
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Looking through an old Janes I found a drawing of an Australian DLG design similar to the British Type 42s. I gather it would have filled the same role as the later OH Perry class. Anyone got more info and drawings?
There have been threads on this topic at the Keypublishing forum and at Navweaps forum. Here are the plans in .pdf form.


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Many Thanks for the full drawings of the DLG and the links!

UK 75
Also from "Cockatoo Island Sydney's historic dockyard" by J. Jeremy


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The PDF file is great , does anyone have any of the dimensions? I saw a waterline length of 420 feet in Janes?
Would make a nice model.

Cheers in advance
Conway's has an "Official Artist's Impression" of a "1966 Light Destroyer project", flush-decked, which looks as though it relates to the design as enlarged but before the redesign with a forecastle, as in the pdf.
Displacement 4200t normal, 5000t deep. 425'x48'x22'
2 shaft, 2 Olympus, 2 Tyne 50000shp 30kn range 6000miles at 18kn
1-5"/54DP (2x2)-35mm Emerlec; 2x3 12.75in Mk 32TT
1 SM-1A RIM-66A SAM; 6 SSMs 2 helicopters.(Lynx)
Three to be built at Williamstown, keels laid from 1975, ready 1980-1984. Cancelled by new Labour govt 1973.
No mention of Gibbs and Cox. Design by Y-ARD of Australia.
It had certainly grown a bit. Hardly the original light destroyer, dimensions in my earlier post.

you mean this artist impression, right. It still clearly resembles the Type 42 from which it was supposed to derived from.


BTW, here is my take at the later design phase (before the break in the hull was added though):


WI 1972 has a plan


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