guided missile frigate

  1. Avempestad2

    Admiral Grigorovich class frigate

    This thread was made for the Admiral Grigorovich class frigate since there isn't really one dedicated to it. Now for the main reason I made this, Is there any credible images/specs of this frigate class? I'm specifically looking for pictures of the Admiral Essen, but any is fine.
  2. uk 75

    Canadian FFG 1960 design

    I am at it again. Looking through some old books I found an artist's impression of a 1960 Canadian design for a frigate carrying a Tartar system aft. It was described as a Tribal class frigate, so presumably was an early design for the Iroquois ships. It is a smart looking ship and very...
  3. uk 75

    australian dlg project late 60s early 70s

    Looking through an old Janes I found a drawing of an Australian DLG design similar to the British Type 42s. I gather it would have filled the same role as the later OH Perry class. Anyone got more info and drawings?