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August 2011 issues of Italian magazines


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Sep 9, 2008
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Hi friends,
as in past months, I intend bore you with some information about magazines from my publishers at the Italian newstands for August and September.
"Aerei nella Storia" N. 79, according to the current trend (I disagree with it) devotes more space to the men than to the machines. Notwithstanding that there is something interesting...
I collected some reproduction of colour slides depicting FIAT CR.42 Falco fighters (in the Bombe Alari Egeo configuration, Wing Bombs, Aegean Sea) of 162a Squadriglia. Preparing the article I was sure that the airport was Maritsa (or Maritza), on the Rhodes Island, but now I'm not so sure as the same landscape could be seen in photographs taken at Scarpanto (now Karpathos), an island in the Aegean Sea. Perhaps if someone of you bloggers spent holidays in that area coul help me to positively identify the airport.
There also is a reader letter about wartime memories interesting for a couple of less known pics of Junkers Ju 88A in Regia Aeronautica markings.
Another theme rarely treated is the family of Caproni Ca.301/AP.1, to date described in-depth only by late Rosario (Roberto) Abate in his book "Gli Aeroplani della Caproni Aeronautica Bergamasca".
On two already wellknown matters, as the brief campaign of Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica in support of Iraqi Rashid and the Italian aeronautical mission in China before WW II I hope, at least, have found some less know photographs.
For those who love golden age movies could be of interest to read and see something about a lesser know "Chain Lighting" with Humphrey Bogart doubling as the test pilot of a never-existed Willis JA-3; I had also had a pic of the JA-3 mock-up landing with an openend brake-chute but I lacked time to find it...
The article that gave me most satisfaction was a research about the Zero-Length Launch mania with F-84, F-100 and even F-104 thrown in the air with huge solid propellent rockets! As related matter, there is also a pic of the Dornier-built G.91R-3 SATS (Short Airfield for Tactical Support) and a G.91R-1 with four Aerojet 14-DS-1000-M8 Jet-Assisted Take-Off rockets, licence-built in Italy by FIAT Avio and BPD.
For the War Set series, the N.38 is devoted to the Kamikaze fenomenon during WW II in all its form (air, sea and ground) with a fair large amount of pictures. It's very difficult to find new information on that topic but I hope that here and there something new can be found...
The last issue was N.17 of I Grandi Aerei Moderni, devoted to the "elusive SR-71 Blackbird"; unfortunately, the publisher ruled-out any reference to the development phase of the family pointing only to the SR-71A and B operational version in USAF service.


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