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I created this topic so that people, including me, can ask questions about if there are any attack versions of civil aircraft, or civil versions of attack aircraft. I mostly prefer helicopters and other VTOL aircraft, but do whatever you like.
I recall an armed version of the Sikorsky 76, but to clarify your question: Are you including transport helicopters with pintle-mounted guns?

If so, just about every civil chopper with a side door can be armed as most are based on military transport helicopters in the first place. Bristow's Tiger / Super Puma series springs to mind, with the S92 as a possible exception (outward opening doors and huge sponsons)

Well, civil helicopters with armament are still civil, just armed civil. Even if terrorists get a hold of it, it is still classified, in my eyes, a civil helicopter highjacked. Military aircraft have a few more differences than civil ones, armed or not. Example: the civil Mil Mi-24PS has no weapons at all, unless it is used for police roles, shortened pylon wings, a ball sensor in place of gun turret, a few different avionics, and, of course, a civil paint job ;).


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Has anyone seen a project for an attack version of the Aerospatiale Puma? Or the EC-135 Colibri?
Do you mean the South African XPT-1 Beta gunship testbed with cannon and stub wings with wingtip rails for Darter or Viper AAMs? No, it was not a movie fit up.

Oh I know all about the XTP-1, which was a weapons demonstrator for SCH-2 (AH-2) Rooivalk armament, and the prop modified ones in Rambo, which were made to look like Mil Mi-24 "Hind-A"s. I am talking about actual tandem attack Puma projects.
The Bell 209 is the civilian designation of the AH-1 Cobra, and decommissioned Cobras are used for fighting forest fires:


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