Are there AEW&C and airborne refueling versions of the Airbus A-400M planned


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2 July 2009
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Hi I am going to be modeling the Airbus A-400 in 1/87th scale and was wondering are there any planned versions of this aircraft like a AEW&C, special operations version or airborne refueling on the drawing boards?
I believe the A400 will get at the very least two hose drum units on the outboard wings. A centerline pallet-mounted HDU can be fitted in the rear cargo bay.
As the A400M is produced by Airbus Military they would generally market their Airbus airliners as potential strategic Tankers or AEW platforms.

The A400M was original desigened to be capable of performing the tanker role, although not sure if any customers have sepecified the capability in their orders

One advantage of the A400M is the lower refuelling speed. It can slow down enough to refuel helicopters, something an A330 wouldn't do.
I remember seeing a picture of a A400M Marine Patrol Aircraft a few years ago. That picture was from beginning of the A400m program in the early 90's.
Edit: See here!
Jemiba said:
During the early phase of the FLA design even a ASW/ocean surveillance version was
considered (drawing from FlugRevue Special german-french cooperation, 1995)
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