ASTOVL - BAe P.112 and P.116


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4 June 2006
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Does anyone have any projetced performance figures for the BAe P.112 - a ASTOVL aircraft with RALS.
P.112 would have been c. Mach 1.6, similar turn capability etc. to Eurofighter, according to Bill Sweetman in Interavia.
Topic for these very attractive projects.

Pics of a P.116 model sold on Ebay a while back:


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Did those aft nozzles at the root of the wing trailing edge provide any propulsive power in cruise flight or were they only used in VTOL flight?
IIRC, by the time layouts like this were being seen, thinking had moved away from trying to vector the full augmented blast of the engine - because of re-ingestion and erosion - and RR was working on neat folding exhausts that fitted between the turbine exit and the afterburner.
Anyone have details on the lift systems for these projects? Were they tandem fan concepts?

the BAe ASTOVL aircraft.


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Time goes by, really ! Seeing these drawings from flight reminded me, that
about 15 years ago, I've used them (and a handful others, I think)
to make these drawings. In the meantime, it even is difficult to open those
old files ! Not to nowadays standard at all, nevertheless .... ::)


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The P.1230 is a good looking design, the familar Harrier layout refined for close air support. Bit of Su-25 in there :)

the BAe P.112;


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...Anyone know if there's a kit of the .116? Preferably *not* in resin.
Now was this proposed in the same ASTOVL program American companies were involved in?

Looks like the results of combining a Gripen with a Harrier.
Do all of these designs use vectored thrust from the main engine?
From Nasa Glenn image archive, P.112
This drawing, on account of the "haze" used to show the exhaust, makes it look like it's heated. It doesn't look like there's room for lift jets, and it lines up with the air intakes, and lift jets were, by this point, looked down upon for VTOL, particularly here in the vector-thrust mad UK.

Additionally, I've been reading this ( with google translate, and it makes mention of potential stealth versions of these aircraft: "While the first, conventional, was presented to the public, the stealth version was presented only to the British Ministry of Defence. It mainly concerned the ASTOVL designs, specifically the P.112, P.115, P.116 and P.1230 types, but also many others."

Can anyone confirm if this is true, or provide any images of such designs?

Many thanks, Prophet.

Addendum: It seems as though, in the same article as linked above, that the P.125 used "RULS" (Remote Unaugmented Lift System). This could explain the heat haze.

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