Assymmetric "Monoptère"

Hi Everyone!

Justo, that's a truly AMAZING aircraft design! Are there any other details on this aircraft?

It could be one of those overly elaborate "I told you it was possible" argument winning designs. Which is, of course, an assumption (that this could fly) that is hard to make.
There's something funny about the diagram, assuming that the asymmetry is supposed to extend to the thing only having one wing. The plan view seems to show only a starboard wing, while the profile apparently shows a dotted outline of a wing extending from the port side of the fuselage too. It could be that the profile has simply been reversed somewhere in the printing but overall, I think someone's having a laugh.
All right, it's a joke!
I made a mistake.
It's what the French culture calls "Poison d'Avril".
I myself made one for "Le Fanatique de l'Aviation" some years ago
(please see attached info so that you can identify it as false)
But it was not my intention to create confusion.
I did not look at the date and somehow thought that it was an "authentic" design.


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It may have been an April Fool's joke but I do recall an aircraft design of only one wing (identical in planform to the above design actually) actually being flown! In effect, the horizontal stabilizer acted as a second wing, which seems to be the case in the fake design as well.

...oh, and I should mention that it was just a small R/C aircraft, built just to prove it can be done :D

I don't remember where I saw it - it might've been here - but I'll look for it.
aha...! The ' Unknown ' mr.Miranda :D

(still remember the Klagenfürt eisenbahn jäger from 'Le Fana)
Justo Miranda said:
It's what the French culture calls "Poison d'Avril".

It exists still in Italy, it is called "Pesce d'Aprile" (litteral translation of the French term).
I love these kind of joke, cause it pushs your brain to think in a not so orthodoxally way....

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