Competition of the XF2A-1, XF4F-1


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Feb 2, 2006
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Hi All!
I looked at the archives: The Giuseppe M. Bellanca Collection (National Air and Space Museum, Archives Division)
and I found these documents:
Bellanca Model 22-80 (Alternate), VF Proposal - Biplane
VF Airplane, Low Wing, Bellanca Model 22-80
Bellanca Model 23-80, VF Proposal (High Wing)
VF Airplane (Biplane), Model 23-80
and I included these projects in the competition, then built the XF2A-1 and the XF4F-2.
Means so: 1) Brewster Model P-3---XF2A-1
2) Bellanca Model 22-80... and Model 23-80...(proposals)
3) Curtiss, version of the Model 75 or ? (proposal)
4) Grumman Model 16/XF4F-1(biplane proposal)....Model 18---XF4F-2
5) Seversky Model NF-1 (privately built)
and 6) Vought Model 139 (proposal)

Interesting what you say about the views.

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