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I found the attached image in a Wikipedia drawing collection, listed as a Tupolev SKV. An online search revealed nothing like it. Can anyone identify it for me? Thanks



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Re: Tupolev

or, what a severely malnourished IAI Arava could look like after a stunted growth...
The twin booms appear to be flat, being supported with wire bracing. It does resemble the Arava including fixed landing gear.
Maveric is absolutely right, this one is one of the early Antonov's projects, a STOL airplane, named Samolyot Korotkogo Vzlyota (SKV) (Самолет Короткого Взлета (СКВ))=Short Take-Off Airplane, and was intended for partizan ('guerilla') squadrons support and transporting up to 600 kg of cargo from unprepared airfields sized up to 20 x 20 meters.
Two AI-14 x 260 h.p. engines, take-off mass 2100 kg.
Speed max 210 km/h, landing speed 55 km/h.
Length 9,5 m. Span 16,4 m. Wing area 40 m 2
Moreover, SKV was expected to be used as well as medevac and agriculture plane.
Source: "Авиация и Время" No. 2 1996


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Thanks for the great illustration and info. Is the "Aviatsia i Vremya" article about the SKV extensive? I am guessing a prototype was never built?
I remember reading somewhere this was developed in the post-Korea era as an An-2 replacement, possibly leading to or otherwise developed into the An-14/28 series.
Libelle said:
Is the "Aviatsia i Vremya" article about the SKV extensive? I am guessing a prototype was never built?
Small info in addition -
In 1948 in initiative order were created two projects planes with high take-off landing airworthy.
The Project dated ( July 1948) was on 2-3 tons of the service load. The Other project ( September 1948) four seater "SKV" prime named O.ANTONOV's as " Guerrilla plane".
The Projects realized were not.
The most Further evolution "SKV" has brought about appearance in 1958 planes An-14 (the first modification).


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The SKV reminds me of this design by William Hunt (Bell engineer?) from the same period, only it appears to have a single motor driving two oversized props.


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Does anyone know of a good source for more data on the SKV? For example, a higher resolution drawing, airfoil data, engine type?
A more info about it from Airwar site;

Airplane "SKV" ( "partisan") (Figure 11.) -. Vysokoplan STOL designed for the transportation of three soldiers (partisans) or goods total weight up to 600 kg and operate from unprepared sites measuring 20x20 m runway characteristics provide high specific power aircraft (two engines AI-14 to 260 hp.. at takeoff weight of 2100 kg), low thermal load on the wing (50 kg / m2), the presence of automatic slats. This mechanization of the wing in conjunction with resettable stabilizer in flight afforded landing speed not exceeding 50 km / h with a top speed of 210 km / h. Chassis with long stroke amortization (700 mm) enables landing with a parachute.

Large windows front and rear parts of the fuselage provides a clear view in all directions. The plumage is attached to the wing of two riveted beams, braced ribbons to the cabin. These design features make it possible to use personal weapons to repel enemy air attacks.

In addition to the main purpose of the aircraft to be used in the following ways: health, agriculture, aerial photography. In 1951 was developed a conceptual project, which was approved by the Air Force and the positive conclusion of TsAGI with two observations: no slat on the center can lead to premature failure of the flow on the wing, the issue of stability and controllability at low speeds requires extensive purging and research. But support for the MAP project has not received the aircraft "SKV", and it was not implemented.

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