Antonov An-12 unbuilt variants


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22 January 2006
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I recently purchased Red Star Volume 33 "Antonov An-12". The book contains an excellent guide of An-12 variants but there are few drawings of unbuilt designs (in contrast with other volumes of Red Star series) :'(

Anybody has drawings of the following designs?


Many thanks

Not sure if this helps but Hesham posted an interior section/side view of the An-40 (PLO)

The An-12SN tank-carrier is intriguing. Presumably, the fuselage would have widened into a flattened oval section (like the An-124) since a standard An-12 cargo hold is only 2.89m wide and the T-54 was 3.27m.
Not sure if this helps but Hesham posted an interior section/side view of the An-40 (PLO)

It really helps, thanks a lot!...and thanks to hesham too ;)
An-12U (1962) Its wing was equiped the simple flaps instead of 2 slit flaps, providing them to be blowed by the DK 1-26 engines' air stream. In the same way the engines gave air flow on stabilizers and other ruling surfaces as well.
An-12D (1965) Modification with hermetic cargo compartment and increased fuselage's diameter. Cargo cabin's height was 3,45м.. They expected that under take-off weight 83 t. the plane will be able to carry 20 t. of cargo up to 3750 km .Its airborne troops' capacity was increased up to 100 persons. The engines were AI-20 DK (5180 ehp.). The An-12D further development became -
An-12D-UPS, similar to the An-12U, but already with three additional turbo-compressors , two were located in the zooming wing's backsides, and one one more in the keel's basis.

An-12SN (special purpose plane, 1963) with increased size of the cargo compartment in order to carry T-54 tank (37,2 t) The same AI-20DK engines plus RD-9 jet engine (thrust=3800 кg) in its tail.

There was another project (1969) using a sweptback wing and turbofan D-36 engines (6,5 t) but its marking/model is unknown to me.

An-40 (1964) Outwardly looked like An-12 with a few important particularities. Power installation consisted of 4 AI-30 (5500 HP) and 4 runaway-brake jet engines RD 36-35 (2550 kg). These engines with short resource were created for Yak-36 VTOL and were used in the project for reduction of running distance. Combined chassis with skis allowed (theoretically) to land/take-off from small, unpaved and snowy airfields.
All these changes outwardly were not so noticeable, basically. That's why there were almost nothing published in the aviation-related media, I think.

The majority of these specified modifications aimed to improve wing's ascensional power characteristic, it was all about BOUNDARY LAYER MANAGEMENT=Управление Пограничным Слоем=УПС/UPS (they use "blown flaps" in English), hope you will understand it correctly, as it is hard to translate such specific aerodynamic science things.
Antonio, hope everything would be useful for you, as I have no drawings yet - though I've ordered some books. That's all I have now.

Sources:E.BUCKIY ,S.MOROZ "Transport plane Antonov An-12"
N.YAKUBOVICH "An-12. Fourty years in formation"
A.SOVENKO "An-12 portrait"


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Thanks a lot for your fantastic post, Borovik, it's great info for me.

That D-36 powered version is described in Red Star Vol. 33 as An-12R (reaktivnyy) on pages 58-59. Although not illustrated as I said there is some data:

swept wings + swept T-tail.
Tail gunner's station replaced by a remote controlled cannon
Fully pressurised freight hold
Max design speed: 850 Km/h

The project evolved into the Antonov An-112 (BTW I have just discovered another design from which I have neither data nor drawings ???)

personal comment: it's ironic that Antonov concentrated its efforts in the turboprop An-40 while, acording to the book, the VVS selected the Il-76 as the An-12 replacement because they thought the jet was a more promising powerplant


A few extra An-12 projects from Yefim Gordon's 'Antonov An-12 Cub' by Crowood Press;
An-12 with two 6,000 litre underwing tanks between the engines similar to the C-130E and with an IFR probe.
An-12RU: 1962 project to fit two PRD-63 solid-fuel rocket boosters on the aft fuselage to improve STO
An-12B-30: 1963 project to enable the An-12B to carry 30 tonnes over 1,500km, 5,180ehp AI-20DK to be fitted with 5.1m diamter props. Cruise speed 600kmh and take-off weight 75,650kg. Some flight test work undertaken but no production.
An-12D: As borovik's info, but just to add new four-wheel undercarriage planned with single wheels, new tail similar to An-24, AI-20DK engines. Led to An-40.
An-12R: 1969 project for a jet-powered An-12 with four Lotarev D-36 turbofans, swept wings and T-tail. Hold was 15m long, 3.45m wide and 2.5m high. Remote-controlled barbette aft, 90 tonnes MTOW to carry 25 tonnes over 2,500km. Led to An-112.
An-12BZ-1 and BZ-2: Two versions that would work as a team, the BZ-1 is a IFR equipped cargo plane and the BZ-2 was the tanker with a single-point hose and drouge in a pod. 1969 project.
An-40PLO: ASW variant of An-40 with a kerosene and hydrogen fuel for the engines. 10 tonne weapons load carried in extended main undercarriage fairings. Max loiter was 22 hours 7,750km from base at 350kmh, max endurance was 27 hours at 9,000m.
An-42: The An-40 with BLC with three RD36-35 turbocompressors (two atop wing and one in tailfin root)
Hood said:
An-12RU: 1962 project to fit two PRD-63 solid-fuel rocket boosters on the aft fuselage to improve STO

Would the third image in this post be the An-12RU by any chance?
borovik said:
There was another project (1969) using a sweptback wing and turbofan D-36 engines (6,5 t) but its marking/model is unknown to me.

It was gotten no designation,only An-12
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Not sure if this counts as an unbuilt variant of the An-12, but apparently the Russians are considering building a gunship variant of the An-12 akin to that AC-130.
Here a drawing of a Antonov An-12 "Cub"/Shaanxi Y-8 as a gunship. It ist Fan-Art, so I won't attach the picture in this topic, but I do like it as food for thought. :)
Good question. For those members who may not be familiar with the weapon in question:

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