And again asking for help about a Morane type ...


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11 March 2006
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For my series of 3-views of the post-war Morane-Saulnier types (now the Alcyon), I'm
looking for a photo of the MS.735, basically a 733 with a Potez engine with water injectoin,
built in just one example. Pierre Gaillard shows this aircraft in the first volume of "Les
Avions Francais 1944 -64", but I can't tell differences to the MS.733. The nose cooler
seems to be larger, but I'm not sure ...
Not a secret, but a forgotten project ! ;)
No photo, but the immat, which might help your research: F-BFDL.

The 735's engine was a Potez 6D30, with supercharger and water injection.
Thanks indeed for this information !
Then the MS.735 didn't stay with their experimantal immatriculation
F-WFDL. So it probably was used for a longer period and not re-modified.

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