An unaccounted for stealth aircraft? Any ideas?


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3 June 2011
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Seems to be a fake:

(comparison posted by Dave Bethke @dreamlandresort forum)


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Old Post: I don't know that it's a fake, as the configuration is highly plausible and there are certain areas of the pics that don't look like that XB-77 artwork/X-Plane plane. If not fake, it could be that classified high alt UAV that U-2 pilots were complaining about seeing at their altitude when they were flying over Iraq.

Edited: Looking at those pics (larger) at the Dreamland Forums, I'd say you're right, they are faked. What does it for me is the uniformity of the pixelation/graininess. It's from a photoshop type filter, not how it would look in reality.

Edit 2: The person who posted them at D.R.F. just admitted it was faked.
It's fake. The guy fessed up apparently.

"To clear up a few things...

*yes it was a joke

*I did actually construct this plane using X-plane's "Plane Maker" utility, it took me MANY hours to get a working, high performance aircraft. I had no intention of posting this on this web page, but after taking a few screen shots I thought, hmm, that looks a lot like something you may see out at Groom, ad some effects and...

*I did use photoshop to add "noise". The light configuration is non-conventional on purpose. I combined the rotating beacons and the landing lights to product the semi-reddish glow.

*Don't take yourself too seriously, remember, joke..."
It may be a joke, but my first thought wasn't Area 51, but Boeing's Blended Wing Body model they plan to fly.

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