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22 January 2006
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Don't miss that topic!!

I wrote this on that Key forum .... anybody know anything further?

Great thread. Heres a difficult request....

After sanctions in 1977, South Africa could not replace their Type-12 frigates as intended. They were originally after the Spanish-built Baptista de Andrade class that was subsequently inducted into the Portuguese navy following that countries coup in the early '70s.

South Africa were then thwarted in their attempt to aquire the D'Estienne d'Orves class from France due to the 1977 embargo.

In the late 1980's, an indigenous programme for a class of 1500 ton corvettes was cancelled, just as steel was about to be cut. This means that the design was settled already. From Proceedings and other publications, a 1500 ton design with Skerpioen SSM and perhaps a helicopter was suggested.

Does anyone know anything about this project?

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