American Aerospace Archive - McDonnell Naval Jet Fighters: Selected Proposals and Mock-up Reports, 1945-1957


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26 November 2008
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Greetings All,

The fourth issue of The American Aerospace Archive is now available:


This issue focuses on little-known aspects of McDonnell naval fighter development in the early Cold War period, with special emphasis on the development of the F3H Demon. The magazine covers the following subjects:

-Model 40/40A (1945 day fighter proposal—5 images)
-XF2H-2/-3/-4 Swept-Wing Banshee (9 images)
-Model 58 (original proposal for the F3H Demon—20 images)
-Model 60 (delta wing alternative to the Model 58—9 images, including specially created color artwork for the covers)
-Model 58 wind tunnel tests of alternate nose cones (1 image)
-XF3H-1 Mock-up Inspection (summary)
-F3H-1 Mock-up Inspection (summary with 51 detailed close-up photos)
-F3H-1P Mock-up Inspection (summary)
-Model 58AD (F3H-2 with 30″ Diameter Radar Antenna—1 image)

This 60 page magazine features 97 images, including contemporary illustrations, photos and artist’s impressions, the majority published here for the first time. I excerpted 8 pages from the magazine and put them up on <a href="">Scribd</a>; these are high resolution and give you a good idea of the quality of the interior graphics. The magazine is printed in full color on high quality 80 lb semi-gloss paper with saddle-stitched covers and is priced at a reasonable $14.95. For a full preview of the magazine, please visit <a href="">MagCloud</a>. US, UK and Canadian readers should order the magazine directly through MagCloud. Readers outside of these countries may order the magazine through my website, <a href=""></a>. Also, within the next few weeks, UK and European customers should be able to order this issue (along with issues 1-3) through the <a href="">Ian Allan Superstore</a> and the <a href="">Aviation Bookshop</a>, while Japanese customers may order it through <a href="">Nishiyama Yosho</a>.

Best Regards,

Jared Zichek​

Hopefully I'll be able to buy this and the previous one in October with my birthday money.
Excellent! Ordered and looking forward to seeing it!

Enjoy the Day! Mark
Yep, that's what jzichek said in his initial post. Makes sense since it is described as a delta-wing Demon... ;)
Wow! I will order this book to Nishiyama Yosho Tokyo Ginza tomorrow.
I got mine yesterday. Once again Jared has scooped me with fascinating documents from National Archives files that I didn't know existed even though I've made several trips there and looked through lots of boxes. His reproduction of tattered and creased blue and diazo prints and "paper" photographs is not only exemplary, I'm not sure how he's done it, being familiar with the same sort of stuff in other boxes. All in all, it's an excellent addition to the library of a Naval aviation enthusiast.
Thanks for the endorsement, Tailspin! I want to mention that the McDonnell Model 40/40A drawings actually came from Tony Buttler, including 2 inboard profiles that have not been published before, AFAIK. I think this booklet makes a nice supplement to your "US Naval Air Superiority" and Tony's "American Secret Projects" books. So, for those who enjoyed those books, please consider this one, especially if you are a fan of the Demon!
Re: McDonnell Naval Jet Fighters: Selected Proposals and Mock-up Reports, 1945-1

A pdf edition, in the same way as Scott went from paper editions to electronic editions, would be possible?. 15 $ is a reasonable price for sure but I feel pain when I see that shipping it to my home amounts nearly 15 $ :'(

I'm going to order it anyway, but I ned to say that before.


Re: McDonnell Naval Jet Fighters: Selected Proposals and Mock-up Reports, 1945-1

I don't have plans for a PDF edition at this time, but you could wait to order it through the Aviation Bookshop or Midland Counties, combining it with an order for other books. Eventually MagCloud will start shipping direct to Europe and I think they'll be able to offer cheaper shipping rates than I'm able to, but as to when this will occur is anyone's guess.

They tried to deliver my copy today, while I was at work, and now it's in a parcels office 25 miles away, and I can't get there till the weekend! :mad:

McDonnell Naval Jet Fighters now available in Germany!

Just a quick note for German readers - this issue of The American Aerospace Archive, along with the previous 3, are now available through <a href="">Christian Schmidt</a> in Munich. It's a great bookshop (I visited it way back in 1993) and I highly recommend it.

The magazine has also been favorably reviewed on <a href="">Internet Modeler</a> and <a href="">Cyber Modeler</a>.

Finally, for those who follow Twitter, I've set up a Twitter page <a href="">here</a>. I do my best to keep it updated regarding my publications and changes to my website.
Ordered this on the 27th from the UK through MagCloud, received this just two days later by courier. How good is that?!

Excellent booklet! Very nice drawings! Can't wait to start reading it.

Will keep an eye out for volume 5, 6, 7... :)
Greetings All,

A PDF ebook version of "McDonnell Naval Jet Fighters: Selected Proposals and Mock-up Reports, 1945-1957" is now available:


It is priced at a reasonable $5.95 and is available through <a href=""></a>. Unique to this version is a special 9 page legal size section reproducing several of the drawings from the main body of the magazine in an uninterrupted landscape format. For a full preview of the contents, please visit <a href="">MagCloud</a>.

Best Regards,

Jared Zichek​
Yes, I did the two renderings of the Model 60. Wish I had more time to do that sort of thing for each issue!
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