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All Weather Flying Center and Project Thunderstorm Aircraft.


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Jun 6, 2019
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Hi everyone, I am working on compiling some information on the US Army Air Force, and US Air Force's Project Thunderstorm (1946-1949) and the All Weather Flying Center. I am working on building a list of aircraft that served as part of the project, and intend to draw all of them as part of my Aviation Pixel Art. Here is what I have seen photos or profiles of so far:

Boeing B-17G (44-85607)
Boeing TB-17G (Unknown S/N)
Douglas XB-19A (38-471)
Consolidated B-24M (44-42535)
Douglas B-26B (44-34358)
Boeing B-29 (45-21793)
Douglas C-47A (42-92618)
Douglas C-54D (42-72605)
Fairchild C-82A (Unknown S/N)
Lockheed F-5 (Unsure of what version) (Unknown S/N)
Republic F-47N (44-89238)
North American F-51H (44-64689)
Northrop F-61C (43-8354) - Most Numerous Aircraft Type in the program.
Northrop RF-61C (45-59318)
Lockheed F-80A (44-85311)
Schweizer TG-2 (Unknown S/N)
North American AT-6D (41-34601)

If anyone has any photos or knows any other aircraft involved, that would be really helpful.


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Feb 20, 2007
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I have always liked these markings!

This is fairly sketchy (from a photo), some of the tail numbers are unclear; you may be able to suss them out further.

Boeing B-17 (G?) 48543
Douglas C-47 34x214
Douglas C-54 x246x
Douglas C-54 272537 (parked with group, but not marked)
Lockheed T-33A FT-930 (Buzz Number)
North American F-86A (2x aircraft)


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