Airspeed Aircraft Projects

From 'Airspeed Aircraft Since 1931' by H.A. Taylor:

A much more ambitious project, stemming from the production Ambassador/Elizabethan, was the AS.67. In this, the wings, powerplants, empennage and systems of the developed AS.57 were retained, but the fuselage was completely redesigned on 'pod and boom' lines. With fullaperture rear loading under the boom tail, the AS.67 was intended either as a civil freighter or as a military transport adaptable for large-scale paratroop and (with the rear door removed) air-launching operations, and for glider-towing. A brochure describing the definitive version was issued on a confidential basis in April 1950.

This brochure explained that, with its high-wing layout and low floor level, the Ambassador's basic configuration was admirably adapted for freighter work, and the new fuselage made the most of these advantages. 'Not only is this fuselage of constant section throughout', the description ran, 'but there is a full-width, direct-loading door, and the floor height is less than three feet from ground level-so that it is practicable to use short, lightweight loading ramps which can be carried in the aircraft with a minimum loss of space and payload'. The fuselage was planned for a passenger-cargo role with quick convertibility.
The fuel capacity included the normal integral tanks (1,000 gallons total), two 300-gallon bag tanks (already provided for) in the centre-section and, for overload long-range military work, two wing-tip tanks of 200 gallons each.


Length 83 ft 4 in (25-4 m); height 20 ft 3 in (6'17 m); other overall dimensions and areas as for AS.57 Ambassador.

Cabin length 37 ft 9 in (11'51 m); width 9 ft 6 in (2'9 m) throughout; floor width 8 ft 6 in (2,6 m) throughout; height 7 ft 8 in (2'33 m)
throughout; volume 2,500 cu ft (73'05 cu m); main door size 7 ft 8 in by 9 ft 6 in (2'33 m by 2·9 m); floor height from ground level 2 ft 8 in (0'81 m).

Operationally equipped weight, including 600 lb (272 kg) crew, 35,600 lb (16,148 kg); maximum landing weight 52,500 lb (23,814 kg); maximum payload 16,000 Ib (7,257 kg); loaded weight, normal, 54,000 Ib (24,494 kg); overload weight 60,000 Ib (27,216 kg); wing
loading, normal, 45 lb/sq ft (220 kg/sq m).

Take-off distance to 50 ft (15'2 m), ISA, one engine out, 4,710 ft (1,436 m); landing distance from 50 ft (15'2 m) at maximum landing
weight on dry concrete, brakes only, 3,195 ft (975 m).

Still air range (AP970 definitions), with maximum payload of 16,000 lb (7,257 kg), 480 m\les (770 km); payload with full normal tanks, for range of 2,660 miles (4,280 km), 6,650 lb (3,020 kg); range with wingtip tanks and payload of 3,630 Ib (1,650 kg) 3,410 miles (5,490 km). (Take-off and payload/range figures are for the normal maximum loaded weight.)

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3-view from Putnams "Airspeed Aircraft Since 1931":


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Good find, Jemiba. That must be quite a rare book - don't recall the title listed in the back of any other Putnam's nor at any site. Admittedly, I know so little about Airspeed that I haven't looked purposefully for it.
Ehm, perhaps I should be more careful, I just got a copy of this 3-view quite
a lot of years ago, with the handwritten caption "Putnam Airspeed".
Knowing the style of 3-views from Putnam books and reading Petrus' quotation
from "Airspeed Aircraft Since 1931", every seemed logical to me ... still yet !
Just added 1 + 1, but maybe my result was 3
foiling said:
Good find, Jemiba. That must be quite a rare book - don't recall the title listed in the back of any other Putnam's nor at any site. Admittedly, I know so little about Airspeed that I haven't looked purposefully for it.

Try to google it, perhaps you'll find an on-line (albeit not necessarily legal) copy.

I have a copy. Any requests?
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From L+K 20/1991.


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From Air Pictorial 1951.


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