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26 May 2006
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Hallo my dear,
in this topic we can speak about various of a little known aircraft and projects
from many countries.

M-22 :experimental twin engined version of M-20A with two 150 hp Lycoming
O-320 (later 180 hp O-360) engines.(not related to M-22 single engine aircraft).
Samu-Genczy SG-2 Kek-Madar: low gull wing side-by-side two seat cabin
monoplane with fixed tailwheel u/c and
a 105 hp Waltr engine.

Series CRJ: Canadair Regional Jet.
Series Q: Canadair Turbo Prop.

Private Jets:

Learjet: light jets
Challenger: medium range, medium size Jet
Global: long rage, medium size Jet

Amphib Turboprop:

CL: multimission hydro turboprop
Hallo everyone,

Ruschmeyer MF-85 :was all composite low wing four seat tourer aircraft with
retractable tricycle undercarriage and powered by a 212
hp Porsche PFM-3200 N engine.
From France,

Sportavia RF-5 S :built a version of Fournier RF-5 as experimental
Quiet reconnaissance aircraft with Lycoming
O-235-E2A engine in 1971.
From Switzerland,

Utez U4M :was a production model of U3M Pelikan four seat cabin monoplane,
it had a flaps and powered by 150 hp Lyc O-320-A2B engine.
Utez Marabu :three seat low wing light aircraft.
From Austria,

Brditschka HB-22 :was a single seat aircraft developed from HB-23
with streamlined fuselage,T-tail,retractable u/c and
110 hp Renault engine.
From Brazil,

CNNA HL-8 :twin engined light transport aircraft.

Neiva Venture :twin engined six seat light aircraft,powered by
two 300 hp Lycoming IO-540 engines.
From Phillippines,

PAF XT-001 :was three seat primary trainer low wing aircraft
powered by one 260 hp Lycoming O-540-E4A5
PADC project of fixed wing :four seat all metal high wing utility aircraft,
powered by one 300 hp Lycoming IO-540-K1BS engine.
PATS project 7307 En :was two seat low-cost basic trainer aircraft,
powered by 85 hp engine.
Good evening,

Grumman G-251 :was ASW version of Albatross, amphibian aircraft.
Rockwell Na.465 (Sabreliner 65) :was Sabreliner 60 with new super-
critical wing and Garrett TEF731-3
turbofans engines.

CASA C-112 :single engined side-by-side two seat primary trainer project.

for CASA C-112 I don't know it was actually built or not,( please help).

EAPL (Australia) Eagle X-TS :two seat light aircraft with leading edge
stall strips and fences,unusual design,powered by
one 125 hp Continental IO-240-A engines.
Yager (Australia) KY-03 :four seat light aircraft powered by two 86 hp
Sportavia Limbach SL-2100 as push-pull engines.
From Japan,

Kako TK-1 Marino :single seat low wing floatplane of 1970s,powered
by one 45 hp 1500cc modified Volkswagen engine.
Mukai Monoplane:two seat high wing floatplane of 1970s, powered by one 65
hp 1834cc modified Volkswagen engine.
JADC YS-X :twin turbofans regional airliner aircraft, acommodated
90/110 passengers.
Kawasaki KAT-1 :was tandem two seat primary trainer aircraft of
1950s, itwas cantilever low wing monoplane powered
by one Lycoming G0-435-C2 engine.
From USA,

Robertson STOL 182 :was a STOL short range utility light transport
aircraft developed as a modification of the Cessna Model-182
Riley Rocket :was short range utility light aircraft developed as improved
modification of the Cessna Model-310,powered by two Lyc
IO-540-A1A5 engines.


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Al-Aire AL-2 :single seat twin boom light aircraft powered by one 60 hp
Franklin engine driving pusher propeller.(Argentine)

little known aircraft projects from USA,

Aerocom Skyliner :twin engined low wing light transport aircraft
powered by two 850 hp P&W Canada PT6 A-34 turbo-
Alon A-3 :was an A-2A fitted with 130 hp Franklin engine and "two-plus-two"
cabin, prototype only.
Fleetwings F-6 :was single engined five seat flying boat version of F-5 amphibian
Taylor Model-18 :experimental military liaison aircraft with a 135 hp Lycoming
O-290-D engine.
Hesham, please do not keep on posting topics which simply list endless different projects with no connections. Its not very constructive.

If you wish to post lists of aircraft, do it in "Designation Systems" in threads for each manufacturer. That is the proper place for such threads.

Posts in "Postwar Projects" and "Early Projects" should either be about a particular aircraft, or a sensible theme. A theme called "Aircraft from different countries" describes basically every aircraft and project ever made.
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