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1 July 2007
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I've got a couple of old pictures here of F-14s with non-production weapons. The artist's conception is kind of neat because it shows an "operational" view of the Tomcat firing what I think was called the AIM-155, but the underbody pallets have something altogether different. However, it's the wind tunnel picture that really caught my attention. This loadout was tested at Arnold Engineering & Development Center outside of Tullahoma, TN...that's an Air Force wind tunnel & rocket test facility (I grew up in Tullahoma).

Anyone have any ideas or info on what's being shown here?


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I believe that's "AIM-152" AAAM, the color one being the GD/Westinghouse entry while the other "might" be the Hughes/Raytheon entry. The wind tunnel picture isn't clear enough, but it could also be an air-launched version of the ESSM, which is also a Hughes/Raytheon product.
Looks a bit like a Standard Missile fitted with a booster.
Possible low cost Phoenix replacement?
Interesting. I wonder if the color one was GD's final configuration. Andreas has a picture of GD/W's AAAM entry on his site but it has a different configuration. Since both of them say GD/W right on the release it makes me curious as to the lineage. The one on this page is the one I've seen most often associated with the AAAM program (in competition with the Hughes one).

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