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14 January 2007
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Hi all,

if you have drawings for the A.M.10; A.M.11; A.M.15; A.M.16; A.M.20; A.M.7 (second used) and A.M.15 (second used) please post it! ;D

Servus Maveric

(Sorry only in German)


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...and the aircraft without A.B. or A.M. designations.


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@ Maveric
Drafts are made by camera as I have no scanner, but if You wish I can scan them on monday
in an internet cafe for You.
To a start with, Aichi AM-7 as only I know ( what means second used ? ) and Aichi AM-10.


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Hi Boogey,

fantastic pics!! :eek: more,more,more :p

Second used for the A.M.7 means that the first use was the A.B.7 (E8A1)!

Thanks a lot

Regards Karsten
Will You, please, wait patiently a few days so I can prepare drafts and photos of Aichi aircraft.
I've noticed in my books some details to complete Your list :

- The AB-6 was Aichi E7A1 Aufklärungsflugboot
- The AM-20 was Aichi C4A1 Aufklärungsflugzeug ;
- The AM-25 was Aichi S1A1 Denko Nachtjäger, not Bombenflugzeug ;
- The AM-26 was Aichi B8A1 Mokusei Torpedobombenflugzeug ;
- The Aichi E3A1 was based on Heinkel He 56, not HD-56 :)

And that's what I can post for You :
Mi-Go, HD-23, HD-25, HD-26, HD-28, AB-2, AB-5, AB-6, AB-8, AB-11 and AB-12 G.
Let me know which aircraft are You interested in.

Do You know history of the Aichi KT-98 ? ;D


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Hi Boogey,

great find, this bird is totally new for me... :-\
For the others, if you had 3views, yes I´m interested.

Thanks Karsten
This can be a bit disapointing but
The Aichi KT-98 never existed,not even on te drawing board.

It was 'invented' in the scare after Pearl Harbor and in 1943
a drawing-not a photo- appeared in a recognition book
published by Temple Press who also produced 'The Aeroplane'...
...thanks lark for this correction. The designation KT-98 had no compatibility with the Aichi-System.
This mysterious aircraft never existed in fact, but was still described in the Allied instructions
almost one year after the outbreak of war on Pacific.
It had also another strange Aichi system designation : Aichi AI-104
and was even given code name : Ione.
It is considered that the misunderstaning is closely connected with Italian Cant Z.506 B,
of which photos and descriptions were published in a few Japanese aviation magazines in late 1938.
In similar misunderstanding in the beginning of war the Kawanishi E8K1 was named Adam
and designated Nakajima SKT-97 by the Allied ;D
The draft is taken from Ian K. Baker's " Nippon Naval Air Force : Japanese Navy Aircraft
Colours and Markings in The Pacific War ... and Before ", Polish Edition, Kraków, 1998.


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Hope, my dear friend Maveric, that You'll look into Your topic at last.
Here's the next series of Aichi drafts for You.
I don't like to write post after post on any forum,
but this situation is caused by the forum attachment regulation ...


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And my easy rider idol in the end ...


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I'm feeling a little stupid here... After doing some research on the subject I realized that most of the Aichi designations could be found in this topic! :-[ Anyway, here is a recapitulation of all known Aichi designations:

(nd) Type 15 Mi-Go
HD-23 (= Heinkel HD 23)
HD-26 (= Heinkel HD 26)
HD-28 (= Heinkel HD 28)
HD-56 Navy Type 90 Reconnaissance Seaplane (= Heinkel HD 56) [E3A]

AB-1 Navy Experimental Type 2 (= Heinkel HD 25); also a civilian variant described as a "biplane airliner"
AB-2 Navy Experimental Reconnaissance Seaplane
AB-3 Experimental Reconnaissance Seaplane (for China)
AB-4 6-Shi Navy Night Reconnaissance Seaplane
AB-5 6-Shi Navy Reconnaissance Seaplane (= Heinkel He 62)
AB-6 7-Shi Navy Experimental Reconnaissance Seaplane [E7A]
AM-7 8-Shi Navy Experimental Reconnaissance Seaplane (not built)
AB-7 8-Shi Navy Experimental Reconnaissance Seaplane [E8A]
AB-8 7-Shi Navy Experimental Carrier Attack Aircraft
AB-9 8-Shi Navy Carrier Bomber > Type 94 Navy Carrier Bomber [D1A1 'Susie']
AB-10 Navy Type 96 Carrier Bomber [D1A2 'Susie']
AM-10 (probably a monoplane alternative to AB-10; also mentioned as an alternative to AB-13)
AB-11 Navy Dive Bomber
AB-12 Type 96 Navy Night Reconnaissance Seaplane [E10A 'Hank']
AB-13 10-Shi Navy Experimental Observation Aircraft [F1A]
AB-14 11-Shi Navy Type 98 Night Reconnaissance Seaplane [E11A Kyujuhachi Yatei 'Laura']
AM-15 Navy Small Fighter (project)
AM-16 Navy Experimental Night Reconnaissance Seaplane
AM-17 11-Shi Navy Type 99 Carrier Bomber [D3A 'Val']
AM-18 12-Shi Navy Experimental Two-seat Reconnaissance Seaplane [E12A]
AM-19 12-Shi Navy Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane [E13A 'Jake']
AM-20 13-Shi Navy Experimental High-speed Reconnaissance Plane [C4A]
AM-21 13-Shi Navy Type 2 Training Flying Boat [H9A]
AM-22 16-Shi Navy Reconnaissance Seaplane [E16A Zuiun 'Paul']
AM-23 16-Shi Navy Carrier Attack Bomber [B7A Ryūsei 'Grace']
AM-24 17-Shi Navy Experimental Special Attack Training Bomber [M6A Seiran]
AM-25 18-Shi Hei (C) Navy Type Night Fighter [S1A Denko]
AM-26 20-Shi Navy Experimental Special Torpedo Bomber Aircraft [B8A Mokusei]

- "AB-" for biplanes and "AM-" for monoplanes
- Aichi only built for the Imperial Japanese Navy
Aichi AM-26 project (B8A1 Mokusei)



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Photos of the Aichi B7A Ryusei (Grace) just recently posted at the San Diego Air & Space Museum (SDASM) Archives Flickr photostream. (There are dozens of additional photos of wartime Japanese types recently posted there as well that are worthy of checking out).

Here are a couple of examples:
Aichi, B7A, Ryusei Grace Navy Type 94 Carrier Bomber

I never understood the B7A's defensive armament.
There was supposedly a defensive machinegun somewhere, but I can't see where. It certainly didn't point to the rear.
Maybe it was only meant to be aimed sideways?

Defensive armament wasn't very effective and head-on defensive fire against radial-powered fighters was almost pointless. I could understand if the Japanese decided to reduce defensive fire to flanking shots in defence of wingmen. The B7A was very nimble and had a decent forward-firing fixed armament it could use once the formation was dissolved after release of the offensive munition.

Nevertheless, it seems odd to have no defensive armament for individual aircraft self-defence, for this meant the fighters could stay at the tail instead of limiting themselves to passes.

According Rene Francillon's Japanese Aircraft of the Pacific War - it was a flexible mount for a 13mm machine gun in the rear of the cockpit. Since it wasn't fixed it was not shown in the drawings.
Regarding the B7A, you may find this of some interest:
LAW said:
Aichi AM-26 project (B8A1 Mokusei)


The name "Mokusei" (木星) corresponds to the planet Jupiter. It literally means "wooden star", this is surely an indication of the material for this project.

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