Aeritalia/McDonnell Douglas DA-188


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12 July 2006
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I only know the designation of a project of Aeritalia and McDD: DA-188 (mentioned in a FLUG REVUE issue in the year 1970). Was it planned for passenger or cargo transport? For the first moment I believed in a mistake due to the McDD D-188 ('Americanised' Breguet 941) ...
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from the book Les Avions Breguet,and you can translate.


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The project AIT 941: In 1970, ¡t was proposed to produce the MDC 941 in international cooperation. for the needs of French, Italian, Belgians and US. The plane would have been developed jointly by Companies Breguet, AERITALIA (AIT) and McDonnell-Douglas, and was announced as AIT 941. The whole of the improvements suggested by MDC in US Army would have been retained.
This project came very close to succeeding: Belgian and Italian AFs would have probably ordered about forty planes each, if the French Air force had made the same effort. It was not the case, so Belgium ordered C 130 Hercules and Italy Fiat G 222s.
As for the Americans, it was completion, always hoped near, of the Viet Nam War , which made them give up. As in the case of Br 941 and MDC 941, AIT 941 could have had a civil counterpart, marrying a pressurized fuselage with the aerofoil and the empennage of the military machine.

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