2001 Nasa "Hyperspeed" TBCC combined cycle demonstrator concept


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25 April 2008
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This hypersonic aircraft demonstrator concept, described below might be of interest:

"To demonstrate the potential for TBCC systems, a near-term, low-risk TBCC propulsion system
demonstrator was defined based on the integration of an existing turbojet (J85) with a single-
throat ramjet. In conjunction with the engine, Lockheed-Martin initiated a conceptual vehicle
design. The proposed vehicle, shown in Figure 9, is 40 foot long, has a gross lift-off weight of
10,000 pounds, and is powered by two TBCC engines. The intent of the engine/vehicle design
was to serve as a TBCC demonstrator to expand the experimental database on these systems."

Source: Woodrow Whitlow, Jr., Richard A. Blech, and Isaiah M. Blankson
Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Innovative Airbreathing Propulsion Concepts for Access to Space
NASA/TM—2001-210564, p.11

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