1960 French "Avions de coopération" competition


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11 March 2006
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In 1960 the french AdlA initiated a program for a "Avions de coopération", a light transport aircraft,that could be used for fire support/light ground attack, too. Contenders were the
- Dassault Super Communaute, an enlarged MD 415
- Breguet Br.945, a type along the lines of the Br.941
- Max Holste MH 261, a derivative of the Super Broussard
(maybe that's the mysterious type here: https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/778
- Hurel Dubois HD 150, basic version of the HD.151, which was planned to have additional
jet engines
- SIPA 271, derivative of the SIPA 270
- Potez 870, derivative of the Potez 840
- Morane Saulnier 915, derivative of the MS.900/901
- Nord N.3500

The eventual winner was the Super Communaute, but the program was dropped.
For the first six aircraft, I've found at least drawings and data for the civil
counterparts (sources : Breguet Br.945, Flugwelt 2/1961, SIPA270, Flugwelt 6/1960,
Potez 870, Castello -Planeurs et Avions ), but the Nord and the Morane-Saulnier
are still unknown to me. Andespecially the MS.900-series would be of great interest !
So, if someone has additional information, please ... ;)


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I remember there was a thread addressing the Super Broussard, wasn't it evolved into the Fregate?

Most of these designs remind me of the An-30, that one design reminds me of the IAI Avia.
That's correct, ten of the M.H.260 Super Broussads were built by Nord Aviation
under the designation N.260. The next step was the N.262, with its circular
fuselage, which eased pressurisation.
The SIPA 270 really looks quite similar to the Arava, I'm just not entirely sure
anymore about the relationship between the SIPA 270 and 271. The 270 is
considerably smaller, than the other designs and the numbers 272 and 273
had not relation to the 270. Maybe the 272 was the civil derivative of the 271 ? ???


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"Aerospatial proposed in 1970 the "French Arava" "

Would it have been a licence version or a look-alike ?
I had another look into Cunys book, the SIPA 271 is described just as a
derivative of a small civil transport aircraft, so it could as well have been
based on the SIPA 272. I ruled it out, because of its low-wing layout, but
the actual winner was a low- wing aircraft, too ! ::)
A licence under the Name of Sherpa (in 1970 Aerospatiale proposed VTOL programs with Breguet 991 and Sherpa)

For Breguet 991, dont forget Henry Ziegler, firt Aerospatiale director was Breguet director in the 60 ...)
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