1/72 Su-24 Fencer BM


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2 January 2006
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Sukhoi Su-24 BM Fencer G



Early 80's study to for a deep strike aircraft with internal bomb bay capable of carrying Soviet cruise missiles or nuclear weapons.
Design was intended to utilise as many Fencer components as possible, so the wings, tail and fwd fuselage are all Fencer, the central fuelage was widened to accommodate a large internal weapons bay which allowed the engines to be located further apart which would improve air flow into them thanks to larger and better intakes. The main gear was revised to a tandem rather than twin axle as latter used with the SU-34.

The model is based up the 3 view drawing in the Bastion volumes on Soviet Bombers, rather than the earlier model shown in some books

The kit was the Dragon Su-24M Fencer D with the rear fuselage widened by approx 1 cm on the lower half and two strips of 5mm on the upper either side of the spine (as the spine remained the same width as the original fencer). The fwd fuselage was extended by approx 1cm and new sides created as the intakes are scratch built much further back.
I did actually create a bomb bay and wheel bays as part of the bracing structure for the fuselage, and used this as a bulkhead to mate the two parts of the fuselage together. However after the fuselage had been assembled further reading indicated the bay was set further back between the engines so plans to have it open were cancelled.
Lerx was then added to which as you will agree give the BM a very much FB-111 appearance.

Well that's the theme build out of the way for Whiff, so next month i can crack on with the new scratchbuild
excellent job, Thorvic!

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