people's liberation army air force

  1. F.L.

    Chinese Nanchang J-12 light fighter

    How about a thread on the J-12 ? I noticed that there was none ! It is a jet that I like and I will try to collect in this thread some interesting things about it.
  2. KUMA

    KUMA's China Secret Project Artwork

    Hi, I have been studying the details of the cancelled projects in the past and drawing artwork of they. Many projects have not been drawn or drawn incorrectly, and my dream is to complete them. Harbin H-5 Light bomber re-engine project: The feature of this project is that the original...
  3. Forest Green

    Chinese FH-97A loyal wingman autonomous drone
  4. tequilashooter

    Future PLA 6th gen/combat aircraft

    No general chinese aviation thread for news like this so here we go?(unless mods or admin have a thread for where this news goes?)
  5. uk 75

    Evaluating Chinese Military Capabilities

    As someone who followed the various published Western assessments of Soviet Military Power avidly throughout the Cold War I am all too aware of the risks in such evaluation. As various Chinese capabilities are asserted regularly in a range of threads I think it would be timely to discuss the...
  6. Grey Havoc

    Shenyang J-11 PLAN/PLAAF

    For the 1960s/1970s fighter project, see here.
  7. hesham

    Nanchang Q-5 Drawings

    From; Авиаколлекция 2010 № 8. Штурмовик Q-5 (A-5)
  8. Avempestad2

    Chinese Air to Air Missiles

    Does anyone have a single bit of info about Chinese AAMs? After a lot of research, the info i found is very little and not good enough to make an actual comparison with Russian, American or European missiles. To say the information is lackluster, would be a huge understatement. I understand...
  9. Deino

    H-6N & Air-launched Anti-ship ballistic missile (ALBM/AShBM)

    Rumoured since some time but confirmed only know View: View:
  10. shin_getter

    Chinese J-6 VTOL project

    In 1968 the China attempted to develop a VTOL fighter, so engineers came up with adding lift fans to the J-6 to finish it by 1971. Lack of success and the death of some of the CCP leadership gets the project canceled in 1972. Slightly more sane proposal
  11. sferrin

    CAIG Wing Loong II MALE UAV

  12. B

    Chinese Stealth bomber program - XAC H-X (H-20)

    That has some interesting implications for what H-20 may end up looking like... It'll sure be interesting if B-21 and H-20 both come out with similar planform Where'd you find that picture from btw?
  13. A

    Project 0901 China's strategic powered hypersonic research programme

    Hi everybody, It seemed we did not have any clearly identifiable thread on this subject yet. Now we do. Project 0901 is a national endeavor -- not to be confused with project 0902 (Fusion) -- and seems to broadly cover anything related to high-speed scramjet research for the purpose of flying...
  14. Grey Havoc

    Shaanxi Aircraft (AVIC) Y-30 airlifter
  15. T

    Chinese Tupolev Tu-2 & Tu-4 night fighters

    Hi all, I just finished reading the book "The Black Bats" by Chris Pocock, which describes the Taiwanese spy flights over mainland China from 1949. The PLA jet fighters were too fast to intercept the Taiwanese P2V Neptunes by night, so they developed a nightfighter version of their "slow"...
  16. 2IDSGT

    China DOESN'T buy the Backfire...

    Has anyone heard about this, or is it old news here?
  17. Deino

    Chinese ASM

    Hey ... we don't have a specific tread on Chinese ASM's and since yesterday the first image of the long rumoured YJ-12 was posted .... Deino
  18. Deino

    Chinese Y-7 AWACS and KJ-600 AWACS

    Just "found" at XAC ... not sure if a Y-7-derivate or a completely new type, but anyway most likely something new from China again. Deino China naval AEW (most likely) spotted
  19. Deino

    The early MiG's in China - MiG-9, MiG-15 and MiG-15UTI

    Deino once again with a silly or maybe even stupid question … this time regarding on old type (in fact not my personal darling … I don’t like these old-barrel-type fighters!), the MiG-15 and MiG-15UTI in China. Fact is that that in early 1950, with China entering the war in Koreas, MANY...
  20. hesham

    Xian H-6 Bomber Projects and Developments

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