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flying wing

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    Russian engineers stole in 1960 the project of an atomic flying wing from the American scientist LEE A. OHLINGER 1950s

    Compare the two projects. 1. Above, projects of atomic aircraft like the Flying Wing from the American scientist and engineer LEE A. OHLINGER 1956. https://www.sae.org/publications/technical-papers/content/560272/ 1956-01-01 NUCLEAR POWER IN THE AIR OF TOMORROW 560272 DOI...
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    Favorite giant airplane project

    This is a poll intended to gauge what your favorite giant airplane project of the pre-1945 period is. The ANT-26 is often seen as the largest Soviet warplane project of the pre-1945 era, but the Germans in WW1 envisaged a monster bomber with a 479 foot span and we now know that Consolidated and...
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    Boeing Model 404 flying wing bomber project

    Does anyone have drawings or specs of the Boeing Model 404 flying wing bomber? I just wanted to ask because I saw the designation in the Boeing model numbers list and the Model 404 had the same number of engines as the XB-35 and Consolidated Flying wing design.