early 1920s

  1. Tzoli

    IJN Tosa-Kaga Class Design History

    For some time I've already made these drawings just not yet posted here. You can now see how the Tosa / Kaga class battleships evolved from an Improved Nagato to as laid down as a 5 turreted similar speed slightly larger battleship. Let us begin: Fast Nagato series: A-115...
  2. Tzoli

    The Great Kanto Earthquake and the hull of IJN Amagi

    It is well known fact that the hull of then under construction battlecruiser IJN Amagi lead ship of her class and which was chosen together with her sister IJN Akagi to become aircraft carriers got seriously damaged during the Great Kanto Earthquake happened in 1923 September 1st. Due to the...
  3. Cy-27

    Siddeley-Deasy Type Sinaia (Armstrong-Whitworth Sinaia)

    The Siddeley-Deasy Sinaia, also known as the Armstrong Whitworth Sinaia and Siddeley Deasy Type 103 was a twin-engine biplane day bomber with gunners in rearwards extensions of the engine nacelles. Four examples were initially ordered by the Air Ministry in 1917 but only one (serial J6858)...
  4. redstar72

    Mitsubishi 1MT1 - help request

    Hi all! Maybe somebody can help with better, or at least bigger, drawing of this triplane monster? The only one which I could find is this (see attachment). I found it here: http://www.straggleresearch.com/2010/10/navy-type-10-carrier-torpedo-aircraft.html.
  5. Triton

    IJN "Number 13" Class Fast Battleship

    Drawing of the Imperial Japanese Navy "Number 13"-class fast battleship. Although never officially named, the class is sometimes referred to as the Mikasa-class fast battleship. They are often classed as battlecruisers, but they were a larger, better protected and more powerful version of the...