1. I

    Unbuilt PLA Navy projects

    Hi! Here is an unbuilt early design of Type 054 frigate. Using 3K95 Klinok short range surface to air missile.
  2. I

    Chengdu J-7 unbuilt variant

    Hi! This is J-7CP, C refers to "Chukou" (出口, export), P refers to Pakistan.
  3. I

    Early design of Chinese Phalcon with conformal antenna based on Il-76

    Hi everyone, I found a interesting design for Chinese Phalcon while browsing. As the origin post said "Even this picture represent KJ-2000, but the figure is more related with the early plan of A-50I by Israel due to the confidentiality policy."
  4. T

    Next Chinese aircraft carrier - Type 002 'Shandong' and Type 003

    Several images have surfaced (of which this is one) from Shanghai CSSC shipyard. Images show what appears to be a large module of a possible aircraft carrier. Said shipyard was rumored to have started building China's next carrier, first Catobar one, since a few years ago.
  5. overscan (PaulMM)

    Chengdu J-20 news and analysis Part III

    Part 3 of the J-20 topic starts here. Part 2 was here Interesting close-up pic posted on CDF by Deino...
  6. F

    Shenyang FC-31 fighter

    The Shenyang 601 Institute has been working for some years now on what might be a competition for Chengdu's J-20. Here's a handful of pics( sorry, can't remember the site, I think it was a Pakistani defence forum) of a model strongly resembling the blurred windtunnel model from Huitong's site...
  7. XP67_Moonbat

    Chinese Space Program

    An article on pre-Shenzhou studies and the Shenzhou project. Check it out: You gotta love this illustration. Here you go. Moonbat
  8. S

    China's New Helicopters - Z-10 and Z-19

    In the HAI Z-9 page in (History of Helicopters and Autogyros) website, it describes not only a new fighter, but a new 'Z-X' helicopter project. I havent found a thing about this yet. is it extremely secret?
  9. overscan (PaulMM)

    Chengdu J-10 Topic

    According to an article in Aviation International News, Tuesday Issue Farnborough 2006, the Russian SIBNIA institute (who were intimately involved in developing the T-10M definitive version of the Su-27, the Su-33 and Su-34) have been assisting both Shenyang and Chengdu. Their involvement with...