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  1. SSgtC

    Cold Warriors: The Essex Class in the Cold War

    Author's Note: This is a timeline that I've been working on that explores a different Cold War where the United States Navy is forced to maintain a larger carrier fleet, one that the Essex class continues to play a large role in. The first few posts won't focus on the class themselves, but are...
  2. archipeppe

    The Real Sparviero Aircraft Carrier

    Italian Navy during WWII started the conversion of the two almost-sister ocean liners ROMA and AUGUSTUS (they had only different engines), they was turned into AQUILA and SPARVIERO. While the AQUILA was pratically finished (even if not still entered in service) when Italian signed the Armistice...
  3. T

    Next Chinese aircraft carrier - Type 002 'Shandong' and Type 003

    Several images have surfaced (of which this is one) from Shanghai CSSC shipyard. Images show what appears to be a large module of a possible aircraft carrier. Said shipyard was rumored to have started building China's next carrier, first Catobar one, since a few years ago.
  4. Triton

    CVB-59 concepts

    Artist impression of CVB-59, later USS Forrestal (CVA-59), in 1951. Edit: The ship that was to become USS Forrestal was ordered as CVB-59.
  5. Triton

    US Navy Corsair "pocket" carrier

    Have any designs emerged for the US Navy's 6000 ton Corsair "pocket" carrier? Will the ship likely resemble the UXV surface...
  6. P

    Australian 1980's CVE conversion proposal

    In a story called 'The Last War' by Jan Nienmczyk He mentions a 1988 proposal to turn two flat steel product ships into CVE for the RAN, this never happened due to opposition from the CNS but does anyone have any...
  7. cluttonfred

    Smallest aircraft carrier projects?

    This is going to sound off-topic, but bear with me. The Miles M.38 Messenger was a STOL light aircraft originally designed as an Airborne Observation Post for artillery spotting and eventually used as a VIP transport and liaison plane. When the U-Boats seemed to be winning the battle of the...
  8. JAZZ

    New Vikrant Class carrier

    No doubt running late...but an interesting design with help of Fincantari. Expected to weigh in at 38,000t full load, 250m in length and about 24-32 aircraft.
  9. JAZZ

    Ader Clement CV

    French concept for an aircraft carrier put forward in 1985 - 24,000 tonnes overall length 220m and beam of 60m. Have this interesting drawing, I am looking for an artists impression of this concept. Two centre catapults are 75m long and can launch 22t aircraft, less powerful ones either side can...
  10. overscan (PaulMM)

    Vickers Versatile Aircraft Carrier and 1983 Light Fleet Carrier

    Displacing 13,200 tons, space for 16 aircraft. 15deg ski jump. For peacetime operations a helicopter operates from the rear deck, in wartime the rear deck would be built up with containers to lengthen the flight deck. Length 604 ft. Source: Flight International, 12 Jan 1980.
  11. A

    PA.28, first Clemenceau carrier.

    You all know that the name "clemenceau" apply to an old french carrier, now dismantled in France (after some, eeerhm, humiliating atempts to scrap it overseas). building of this ship started in 1954, the hull was laid down in 1957, and the ship entered service in 1961. It was withdrawn in...
  12. TinWing

    Malta Class: The UK's Cancelled Equivilent to the American Midways

    Here is a link to the Never Were Warships thread where Autocad drawings of the Malta class are available.