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air-to-air missiles

  1. I

    What is the lock-on range for the R-23T/R-24T missile?

    I am curious about R-23T and R-24T missile since they are a BVR capable weapon that is retrofitted with Infrared Seeker instead of the Radar Seeker. Do you comrades got any idea what is the maximum lock range for the R-23T and R-24T IR seeker head both at rear and front aspect?
  2. I

    Does early R-73 have thrust vectoring capability?

    The early R-73 variant, the R-73A bring question to me. Does that variant was equipped with Thrust-vectoring system? Someone says to me that later R-73 has the thrust-vectoring system but not the early one which is the R-73A. Can someone please explain.
  3. Blitzer9856

    R-13M1 & R-14 Atoll air-to-air missiles

    This is an obscure missile.. I am wondering, does anybody have information on its maximum body G load and tracking rate in degrees per second? This is what I personally know (quoting myself from sources I have): What I don't know though, and what I would really appreciate is if someone has...
  4. Avempestad2

    Chinese Air to Air Missiles

    Does anyone have a single bit of info about Chinese AAMs? After a lot of research, the info i found is very little and not good enough to make an actual comparison with Russian, American or European missiles. To say the information is lackluster, would be a huge understatement. I understand...
  5. overscan (PaulMM)

    R-40 AAM

    PARG-12-VV seeker from the R-40R. Missiles.ru