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  1. Grey Havoc

    Distant Thunder / NetSAT littoral water system (DARPA)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b84Wzh-kH_s https://www.darpa.mil/attachments/TestimonyArchived(April%2020%201999).pdf
  2. Grey Havoc

    Tiberium (Command and Conquer series)

  3. Apophenia


    The Polish PZA (Przeciwlotniczy Zestaw Artyleryjski) Loara SPAAG system is fairly well known but not so its planned SPAAM companion. The former is usually referred to as Loara-A (or, for export purposes, Loara-G for Gun). The SPAAM was designated PZR (Przeciwlotniczy Zestaw Rakietowy) Loara but...
  4. Triton

    US Navy Advanced Logistics Delivery System (ALDS)

    Assessment of Advanced Logistics Delivery System (ALDS) Launch Systems Concepts by Gregory W Anderson et al., NAVAL SURFACE WARFARE CENTER CARDEROCK DIV PHILADELPHIA PA MACHINERY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DIR (Oct 2004) Abstract: Handle / proxy Url: http://handle.dtic.mil/100.2/ADA430083
  5. D


    I've been reading up on the DDG-1000 for a project I'm doing for Shipbucket and throughout everything, I keep getting a quote that says the Zumwalt-Class can't operate the SM series missiles. Can someone please explain to me how that's possible? The primary anti-defense missiles of the USN can't...
  6. flateric

    Lawrence Livermore National Labs / Scaled Composites Defender

    Defender - A high altitude (>20 km) UAV with a semiconductor diode laser pumped solid state heat capacity laser weapon for boost phase destruction of tactical ballistic missiles. The vehicle has a lethal kill radius of up to 200 km. (courtesy of Lawrence Livermore National Labs and Scaled...
  7. R

    FCS - Future Combat Systems - Evolution

    Hola!!! I'm interested in information on the evolution of the FCS. These are two models I made from depictions taken out of ARMOR MAGAZINE in 1997. The model is a concept contest winner apparently designed by Dr. Asher Sharoni, from Western Design Howden (WDH) Thanks, Rafa