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Author Topic: Helio model designations  (Read 2324 times)

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Helio model designations
« on: August 18, 2014, 01:15:18 pm »
The following research would not have been as complete or accurate without the great research work done by Doug Johnson on the FlyHelio forum.

HC-1Helioplane (Helioplane-2)experimental1949Two-seat high-wing STOL proof-of-concept1 built
HC-3Helioplane Fourexperimental1950Four-seat high-wing cabin aircraft1 built
H-21AAg Rat'lerexperimental1984Agricultural spraying aircraft1 built
H-250Courier IIcommercial1964Lengthened, lighter version of H-29541 built
H-250ACaballerocommercial1964First designation/name of Courier II(see above)
H-291Super Courierexperimental1972Short-lived four-seat prototype for H-295 Series 12001 built
H-295Super Couriercommercial1960~New version of H-395 with higher gross weight173 built in all
H-295Super CourierUSAF1966U-10D44 delivered (from above)
H-295BSuper Courierexperimental1967H-295 with different engine, minor modifications1 built
HT-295Super Courier = Trigear CouriercommercialndTri-gear modification by Alcor Aviation19 conversions
H-370Prop-Jet Courierexperimental1970H-250 modified with Allison turbine(which see)
H-390Helio Courierexperimental1950Former HC-3 modified to small utility configuration(which see)
H-391Helio Courierexperimental/Army1951~Final Courier prototype, became Army YL-241 built
H-391BCouriercommercial1952Production version102 built
H-392Strato Courierexperimental1957High-altitude photographic version 1 conversion
H-392Strato CourierUSAFndU-10C high-altitude photographic version cancelled
H-395CouriercommercialndRevised production version with larger engineexisted?
H-395CourierArmy/USAF1958Production version with long range fuel tanks as L-28A > U-10A25 built
H-395Super CourierArmy/ANG/USAF1963Improved version with increased gross weight as L-28B > U-10B86 built
H-395ACouriercommercial1960~Lower-powered variant of H-3957 built
H-400AG-R (Cox Agplane)experimental1982Proof of concept prototype experimental ag plane1 built
XC-400TexperimentalndH-800 fitted with 650 shp Czech Walter M-601D engine1 conversion
HT-420TTurbo CourierexperimentalndConversions of HT-295 and XC-400T2 conversions
H-500Twin CourierUSAF (actually CIA)1959Twin-engine STOL as U-5/-5A/-5B (covert designations)7 built
H-550Stallionexperimental1964First "U-10X" with 550hp P&WC PT6A1 built
HS-550Stallionexperimental1964Redesignation of H-550 prototype(which see)
HST-550StallionexperimentalndPAVE COIN/Credible Chase prototype1 built
HT-550Stallionexperimental1964Redesignation of HT-600 prototype(which see)
HST-550AStallionUSAFndProduction version of "U-10X" as AU-24A15 built
HST-600Stallionexperimental1964Second  "U-10X" prototype with 600hp Garrett TPE3311 built
H-600BStallionNo details
H-580Twin Couriercommercial1966Proposed civilian version of H-500 with longer nose6 built, never assembled
H-634Twin Stallioncommercial1968Eight-seat high-wing project with engines on stub wings in nosenot built
H-700Couriercommercial1982Modern version of H-295 with 350hp Lycoming engine18 built (H-700/-800)
H-800Couriercommercial1983Modern version of H-295 with 400hp Lycoming engine(see above)
H-800SPCouriercommercial1983Seaplane variant(see above)
HT-800experimentalndAlternate designation for XC-400T(which see)
H-1201TTwin Stallioncommercial1966Stallion derivative with twin engines in underwing nacellesnot  built
H-1320LARAUSAF1963COIN aircraft project, LARA contendernot built
H-2000FreightlinercommercialndFreight transport meant to compete with Cessna Caravannot built

There will be a more detailed list with some c/n numbers and engine details on my upcoming website.

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Re: Helio model designations
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2014, 09:04:13 pm »
Thank you for your effort ! Especially interesting to me are those high altitude
versions, as in my perception, Helio always meant "slow and low" !
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Re: Helio model designations
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2018, 07:05:48 pm »
Helio H-6