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Yugoslav Ivo Lola Ribar VNH-90 Medium Transport Helicopter


Jun 30, 2008
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Ivo Lola Ribar institute in Belgrade was involved in production of domestic industrial CER series of computers and had its own brand of small computers (lola 8/32) and industrial robots.
In 1987 it presented its project for the medium transport helicopter (VNH-90 višenamenski helikopter - multipurpose helicopter). Before this, Yugoslavia had manufacturing experience only with smaller, Gama helicopters (licence built Aerospatialle Gazelle). They intended to manufacture Yugoslav equivalent of Puma, but with back side loading dock. The engine would be domestic TM-1500 with 1500KW and 23.000rpm (noncrystalline turbine blades, ceramic coatings for hot elements, the engine would be built in DMB engine factory, who was just around the corner). Rotor and electronics would be domestic too. Length was 19,60m, width 3,275m, height 4,56m. The lenght of the fuselage was 17,232m and rotor diameter was 16m. Top speed was estimated at 280km/h at sea level and 260km/h at 2000m altitude. Cruising speed was 255km/h, rate of climb 9m/s, ceiling was 4500m and range was 745km. The helicopter wighted 4.300kg empty, could take 1700kg of fuel and 3000kg of cargo (3500kg with underside hook and less fuel), maximum take off weight was 9200kg. It had one 300kg hook mounted on the side.
It could carry 20 passengers, 12 stretchers and one medical attendant or 24 soldiers. In it's combat variant, the pilot and copilot were protected from 7,62 and 12,7mm caliber ammo. It could carry aa,as,al rockets, underwater mines and torpedoes.