Yokosuka MXY8 « Akigusa » and MXY9 « Shūka »


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I am looking for information on the

Yokosuka-Maeda MXY-9 "Shuka"
Yokosuka MXY-8 "Akigusa" or
Yokoi Ku-13


Could anyone help me, please?
To the best of my knowledge, the Yokoi Ku-13 Experimental Training Glider was the same as the MXY8.
Akigusa (秋草) means "Autumn Grass".

Here is an additional picture of the MXY8:


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Hi! MXY8 Akikusa model.


MXY9 Shuka was a Shusui trainer with Tsu11 motor jet engine. Shuka was not completed.
Tsu11 was a Ohka type 22's engine,too. Thrust : 220kg
Tsu11 engine had the same concept of Caproni Campini N.1's motor jet engine and attached Sakae I.P.R(inner propeller rocket) engine.
Tsu11's one stage compressor drive engine was Gasuden(Hitachi) Hatsukaze(初風,the first wind) 4 cylinder air cooling inline engine.(Ha47 or Ha11,110hp take off,displacement 3.98L)


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I'm familiar with the Tsu-11. I had not heard of the Sakae I.P.R before. What aircraft were they planning on using it for?
windswords said:

I'm familiar with the Tsu-11. I had not heard of the Sakae I.P.R before. What aircraft were they planning on using it for?

Good question!
But I can't find any aircraft which planned to use Sakae I.P.R engine in Japanese books or internet site.
Sakae I.P.R engine
Sakae11 engine which drive compressor : 920hp(2200rpm. (Zero fighter's engine)
5 stages compressor:5280rpm, compression ratio : 1.29, airflow rate : 20kg/s.
Static thrust : 740kg(while exit gas temperature: 1000 degree centigrade, exhaust gas nozzle pass speed 350m/s, fuel : 74 octane)


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Well the Sake compressor engine would be too big for an Ohka or Shusui. It would be great to know what they intended for it. Or it could have been only an engineering test bed since that type of engine was plentiful.
well i been looking at the tsu-11 motor jet. but the problem is where is the compressor at. there is no drawings giving detail on the engine
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Justo, your pilot position appears to be too far forward. All other drawings of the J8M1 show the pilots head just forward of the radio mast as in this image below. There is also equipment in the nose of the aircraft that can not be there if the pilot is the position you have drawn.


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