www.paralay.com; paralay.narod.ru with added speed

overscan (PaulMM)

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27 December 2005
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Paralay's excellent website is now available without waiting 5 minutes a page via www.paralay.com. Good news!
Nice to see it working so fast and even more so to see my HS 1234-1 appera on the SABA page !!! ;D
Wow, Paralay's web working at full speed!!. I love it :-*

The Spanish translation doesn't work very well but it's ok :D

By the way everything on Paralalay's web it's real or there are some especulative drawings (or even whatif/fake stuff)?
Its mostly factual in some way (based on a real project, but perhaps one not yet public) but lots of the illustrations are "fan art" or "artists impressions", often by Paralay himself.

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