White mice in snow ..


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11 March 2006
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I have a slight problem with a profile, which shall be included in a chapter with
other drawings, as usual, on white paper : The chosen aircraft has a white
livery ! I already use light grey instead of white, nevertheless it's a case of
"white mice in snow". To outline the profile with a darker line isn't an optimal
solution, I think. Maybe the best way is to use a darker background, but together
with the other drawings and profiles, i'm not really satisfied with this way either.
Anybody who has another solution ? ???


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Dear Jemiba.
I have a profile photo of this plane.
The white of your first profile is the better.
Your black lines seems to be too straight
The white line between the two black too large
The engine exhaust is more grey.
All this loocking at my photo coming from an olld
"Le fana de l' aviation"
May be you want to see it ? Let me know.
"May be you want to see it ? "

Of course, I've just a b/w photo and a colour photo, that shows the
Paris III only partially and in already quite derelict condition.
BTW, the white (better light grey) is the same on all three profiles,
it's just the darker background, that makes it appear lighter. But I think,
you're right, I'll probably use this methode, as I cannot think of another.
I like it... from the side, it kind of looks like an F-101 Voodoo made into a subsonic private jet.

I had the same problem two years ago and I used two different ways:

1. The plane is absolutely white with the shadows where necessary, but with a veeery little darker background (told in CMYK its compared to for absolute white).

2. The contour lines are a bit thicker than usual.

I think that together it was fine and usefull solution.


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