What was this,Me.161 twin jet airplane?


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26 May 2006
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I found this report in NASA site,they mentioned Me.161 twin jet
airplane ?,I can't explain it.


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I think ,it is the twin jet Me P 160 of the early sixties


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Mm, looking at the list, where the "Me 161" is mentioned, it stands between
the He 280 and the He162 in what seems to be a chronological order, so I don't
think, that it is identical with the P.160.
I know the Bf 161, which could be designated as Me 161 (not to offend the purists),
but this wasn't a jet, although twin engined.


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...this is the Bf.161, but I can´t find a source wich named this bird Me.161... :-\

But there is a SP.161/Me.P.161 transport aircraft project from 1961. Sorry I have no pic.


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Me.161 twin jet airplane = Typo

Hi folks,
I agree with Jemiba, that the list is in chronological order.
But IMHO "Me161" is a typographical error (typo).
The author really ment the Messerschmitt Me 262.
Maybe he was too lasy to use Tipp-Ex. ;) :D
"I can´t find a source wich named this bird Me.161"

No, but you probably remember the lengthy discussion in several magazines about Bf or
Me 109/110 and when designations were changed and so on. Maybe not really interesting
to the author of that list ... ;)
But I agree with fightingirish, probably a typo. Could be mine in an Excel list : Drawing the content
of a cell to that above, so decreasing the number by one .. and then forgetting to change it !
But the list certainly looks like pre-Excel stuff. A proof, that man can make the same errors as
a computer ?
Folks, it is just a list of slides (a reversal film).
Don't make up a big fuss, that the slide "He-162" comes before the slide "Ar 234".
Today we all would just make up a Powerpoint presentation with 3 german WWII jet planes on one page. ;) :)
Stargazer2006 said:
This was my impression also... but didn't the Schwalbe come AFTER the Volksjäger?

No, the He-162 was a crash programme started during fall 1944. At that time the Me 262 prodction was well undergoing considering that the Me 262 programme was started between 1939-1940.

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