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15 July 2007
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Since a number of posters here seem to frequent the What If Modelers forum, I wonder if you folks can help me.
I seem to be having trouble seeing the site right now and have been having odd things happen when going there to do with seeing recent posts.

Is this the same for others?

Someone sent me a message to a my hotmail account saying there was a message on the whatifmodelers forum.

Tried to reply, but got a delivery failure notification.

Somethings up there and I missed it?
I thought Tom was going to give more warning, but he did say that the forum was moving. Maybe today's the day.
Tried to go on today, got this:


EDIT: you guys aren't interested in that, you're interested in this (specifically the text if you can read it):


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Check your NFB mail box Zen ;)

To all : I've talked to Thorvic yesterday evening, the forum is closed because Supertom is performing an upgrade of it.
Yesterday evening it look like I've been banned (this hapened to me last april because of political comment)
Today there's an humoristic message, full of british humour...
The forums under testing at the moment but you will be glad to know that everything has transferred OK. Its actually Overscan who has worked tirelessly for the last week or so to perfect the conversion process. The message on the webpage is all Supertom btw Archie but he does have a "Brit" sense of humour.

Normal Service for the What-if forum should be resumed in the next 24-48hrs depending on testing and any errors or loopholes that may crop up.


What-If Admin Team
[Forum is still in testing Martin for a while yet - Overscan]

many thanks to paul and Tom for all the work thats gone into the site mirgration and upgrade.

Martin H
IPMS (UK) What if? SIG leader
Yep, most of the work's done by Overscan (and fantastic work it is too), I just sit about, spending money to get server space and putting up silly statistics. We're almost there, just hang tight.
Site's back up! C'mon over to http://www.whatifmodelers.com (note that "/forum" isn't there anymore, as the forum is the new front page)

If you bookmarked the old link to the forum, you'll be automatically redirected in 10 seconds.

Grrr - can't get into the new site from work ( corporate internet gateway in Germany ) but it was OK from home ( England ) last night. Anyone else having issues this morning ?

Edit - never mind - working now ;D

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