Vosper Brazilian Frigate with Sea Dart launcher

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27 September 2006
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I remember seeing somewhere years ago an artist's impression of the Brazilian Niteroi class frigate with a Sea Dart launcher forward and a single fire control radar.

It is interesting in the light of the references in recent books to a simple frigate design to carry Sea Dart for the RN.

Has anyone got the picture or more info?

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I think you are refering to D.K. Brown's "Rebuilding the Royal Navy." Design studies were made for both 3,500 ton and 2,500 ton ships with a single arm Sea Dart launcher (confusingly designated "Seadaws 100?") with only a single director. There was a more convincing two director 4,500 design study as well, which is very similar to the final Type 42 except for the placement of the twin Sea Dart launcher aft in place of a hangar and - very oddly - diesel propulsion.

If the Brazilian were contemplating an AAW derivative of the Niteroi class, it is not surprising that they would consider only a single fire control director. Even the early iterations of the Type 42 design lacked a second director, although it was soon realized that this was a false economy.

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